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The Sunken Temple

The Sunken Temple is one of the classic World of Warcraft instances. Some of us may have gone into it while leveling our first time to 60, some of us sped-through by a friend who was 70, or perhaps explored later by ourselves just for fun. This instance is one of World of Warcraft's lesser-visited places along with Blackrock Depths, since the intended level range is 45 to 55, a level where players have no shortage of quests in Tanaris, Un'goro, Searing Gorge and the Plaguelands.

The Sunken Temple may also be called the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, or sometimes, The Lost Temple. It's located in the very middle of the lake in the Swamp of Sorrows.

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The Temple of Atal'Hakkar, also known as the Sunken Temple

Main Quests

The Sunken Temple, or Temple of Atal'Hakkar, is sought-out nowadays for the class quests you get at level 50. Depending on your class, you will be sent to kill either the named Trolls in the first area, the Dragons in the second area, or in the Paladin case, Atalarion the giant berserker.

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Pathways - East for Optional, North for Trolls, West for Dragons

Aside from that, if you followed your questlines closely you may also have an Urn to summon the Avatar of Hakkar and slay him in this dungeon. This instance features a lot of bosses that must be enabled by doing certain prerequisites inside the dungeon.

Without further ado, let's cover all of the bosses and their locations!



The bosses you will face depend heavily on your actions in this zone, you may skip quite a few of them, but if you want to fight the final boss, you will need to atleast kill the 6 troll mini-bosses in the area, as well as the Prophet Jamalaan.

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One of the Troll Mini-Bosses

Entering the instance, you have a few options as to where to go - if you choose the eastern path down the winding stairs you will be in the "puzzle" area of the dungeon. The boss for this area is called Atalarion, and it's an optional boss.

To spawn this boss, you must first clear all the outer ring, that's full of slimes, worms, decrepit lords and the occasional wind serpent.

Inside the inner chamber of the ring, you will find a serpent statue. If you activate it, the serpent statues above you will light up one by one, showing you the correct order in which they must be activated in order to unlock this puzzle.

For those who don't want to wait, or don't care to memorize it, the order is: South Serpent, North Serpent, Southwest Serpent, Southeast Serpent, Northwest Serpent, Northeast Serpent.

Once activated, Atalarion will spawn and you will be able to fight him. This is a typical tank&spank fight, and he will allow you to complete your "Secret of the Circle" quest, if you have it, along with his drops.

Mini-Boss Trolls

On to the required clear of the dungeon - going upstairs will get you to another ring full of undead troll enemies. At set intervals you may go down in the inner ring or through the outer ring, and you will see one of six trolls channeling a spell. These trolls are keeping the Prophet's barrier active, so they must all be killed. These are also the trolls you need to kill in order to complete some of your class quests.

The trolls are weak in themselves and should go down without too much of an issue - once all of them are dead, the Prophet Jamalaan will yell out a warning, which is your cue to head into the Dragon area, by either jumping down from any of the Mini-boss troll platforms, or taking the westernmost stairway from the entrance.

Avatar of Hakkar

The Avatar of Hakkar's area is encountered by going to the West once in the inner circle where the Green dragons are. Following the road West will lead you into Hakkar's room, which has a pile of bones in the center.

If you have the Quest Item (Hakkar's Urn) to summon him, you may do so here, and you will spawn the event to bring Hakkar back into this world.

Your objective here is simple, kill off all the monsters to prevent swarming of healers and loot the Hakkari Wind Serpents that appear for their Blood. Use the blood on each of the four torches in each of the ends of the room, and put them out. Every time you put one torch out, Green dragons will come in to try and stop you - you must also dispatch these while dealing with Hakkar's monsters.

Once Hakkar comes back into this world, all monsters will stop spawning and you may fight him. He has no real powerful abilities, so a Tank&Spank will do him in nicely. After he's defeated, make sure to use your Egg of Hakkar to complete your quest.

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The Green Dragon Inner Circle

The Prophet Jamalaan

To the eastern side of the inner circle is the Prophet's area. Now open since you defeated the six trolls, you will need to clear a "Scarlet Monastery" type of courtyard full of undead trolls that transform into ghosts before fighting the Prophet.

The Prophet and his Assistant don't have many tricks up their sleeve, their best one is possessing one of your party members, usually a DPS class, and transforming them into a troll to attack the party with. Focusing the Prophet down seems to be the best course of action to stop the party from suffering too much, then his assistant.

As the Prophet dies, more Green Dragons will spawn to protect the final boss - Dreamscythe and Weaver will be flying in the middle of the inner circle, and must be defeated.

Green Dragon Mini-Bosses

At this point in time it is imperative that you kill all of the Green dragons in the area - if you don't, they will all aggro you when you engage the final boss, making for some unwanted company while engaging the rather unforgiving fight.

Dreamscythe and Weaver are the first two you will fight - they only use an acid spit attack, as well as the occasional knockback. Not that big of a threat.

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The Shade of Eranikus; Final Boss

Morphaz and Hazzas lay south, flying infront of the final boss's chamber - these don't pose a threat either, but many class quests indicate needing Morphaz dead for completion. Tank&Spank, and get ready for the final boss!

Shade of Eranikus

One of the harder bosses in this instance for its level, the Shade of Eranikus has a set of abilities that may give the party trouble. The first, and hardest, includes a sleep/banish attack on its primary target.

What that means is that unless you have a secondary tank, at random intervals you will have to run or pray for your life if you're a cloth wearer, since your tank will be made unable to act and the Shade of Eranikus will come and attack the second in threat.

The other abilities the Shade of Eranikus has are a doubleattack, and a War Stomp, that will stun everyone nearby by knocking them back.

If you can work with these abilities, you should be able to defeat him. The best strategy is to allow your tank to establish threat and unload as hard as you can!

Once defeated, you may loot his Essence of Eranikus and continue the questline!

Having defeated the Shade of Eranikus, you are done with the Sunken Temple instance. Bringing a higher-level friend will trivialize many of the fights explained above, yet the experience gain and class items are still well worth it!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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