Fallout 4, a game packed with more assets than Skyrim is so big, that it actually contains several other games you can collect and play on your pip boy. The games are stored on holotapes scattered throughout the world, and once you collect them you can fire up the games any time you need a break from trudging around the wasteland.

To save you the time and effort of searching every square inch of the barren landscape for them, we’ve gone ahead and done the legwork and compiled their locations here. Just remember to be n your guard at all times, some of these areas are in hostile territory.

Red Menace

The easiest game to collect can be found in your home Vault 111. As you’re making your way out of the vault, you’ll come across a room filled with arcing electricity. If you choose to go down the hallway beside it you’ll come to the recreation room with a terminal that contains the Red Menace holotape.

Red Menace is a Donkey Kong clone that puts the player in the role of Pipboy as he tries to make his way up broken girders while avoiding the flung fire balls.


Located in the For Hagen Command Center, this game is probably second easiest to find, just behind Red Menace. You’ll come to this area during one of the main story missions when you face off with the man who stole your son. The game is loaded onto his terminal in the room you fight him in.

You may have already guessed it from the name, but Pipfall is the Fallout 4 version of the popular retro game Pitfall.

Zeta Invaders

This one requires that you have progressed far enough in the story that you’ve met PI Nick Valentine and have access to his office. If you do, head to his offices and look on his desk to the right when you first walk in the door. The game cartridge is laying right there for the taking.

Another Fallout play on words, Zeta Invaders is a clone of the alien invasion arcade game Space Invaders where you’ve got to blast the alien ships before they touch down on Earth.

Grognak the Barbarian and the Ruby Ruins

This holotape can be found on a desk in the basement of Memory Den in Good neighbor. You come right through this area during one of the main storyline quests so keep your eyes peeled.

The originator of the RPG, this text based adventure is a lot of fun for a game where you do nothing but select from a list of written options. Just think your choices through carefully, one wrong choice and Grognak could be in some hot water.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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