Grognak the Barbarian is a legend in the Fallout universe, made so by hi popular comic books that grant the user extra strength just for reading them. For years many have sought the key to his power, his deadly battle axe, which is fabled to have lopped over 1000 heads in its existence. Luckily for you, resident of the commonwealth, that very axe has been hidden away right within this very city in a place where no one would think to look for a weapon of ultimate strength, the comic book store.

The specific comic book store is Hubris Comics, which is right by Trinity Tower. The exact location is pictured in the map below.

You will receive a quest to come here if you’ve picked up the Silver Shroud quest line, which is started by following the Silver Shroud radio broadcast to Goodneighbor, but it’s not necessary if all you want is the Axe.

When you arrive at the shop, prepare yourself for combat before you enter. It may seem like the place is empty at first, but it will soon be crawling with ghouls after you step inside. Dispatch the ghouls on the ground floor and you will find Grognak’s Axe inside a glass display case behind the main store counter (right where you walked in).

You will need at least advanced lock picking to open it, or have the companion Cait do it for you. You can get Cait from the Combat Zone side mission.

Once it’s open, grab it and it’s yours! The weapon is very satisfying if you’re into the whole medieval dismemberment thing, and is actually quite a powerful melee weapon considering it’s the Axe of a fictitious comic book character.

If you’ve got the time, there are also some interesting pieces of loot to be had upstairs in the comic shop, but you’ll have to clear out the ghouls all the way to the top floor. There you’ll find the costume for the Silver Shroud on a mannequin and Grognak’s loin cloth on a bookshelf at the back of the room.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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