Getting your hands on the Cryolator gives you access to one of the most powerful and interesting weapons in Fallout 4. The gun fires a mist of cryo freeze that will very quickly turn your target into an ice block.

The weapon is dangled in front of you as early as the first 20 minutes of the game, but is locked behind an expert lock. You’ll need to spend some time honing your craft before you can breach the case and start your deep freeze killing spree.

How to Get the Cryolator

You’ll have to put in some time first, in fact you’ll need to be at least level 20 and have put at least 4 points into your perception skill. When you’ve unlocked the locksmith perk (4th on the perception tree) you’ll have to put 3 points into it in order to be able to handle the master lock that contains the Cryolator.

When you’ve got the required skills, head back to Vault 111 and step on the platform to begin your descent. Once inside, head to the Overseer’s office and pick the lock on the case to unleash the coolest (that’s right) weapon in the game.

The Cryolator

The weapon itself fires a short range blast of super cooled cryo spray. You can think of it as a sort of reverse flame thrower. The gun is excellent at short range, able to catch multiple enemies in its deadly mist; but for long range assailants it’s pretty much useless.

If you're clearing out tightly packed buildings or sewers however, the gun is invaluable especially against large groups of weak enemies. Even if you don't want to use the gun, it's one of the easier ones to collect so you might as well add it to your inventory.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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