Great music has always been one of GTA’s hallmarks but sometimes you just want to cruise the streets to your own soundtrack. Lucky for you Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC gives players the ability to create a custom radio station filled with songs of their choosing.

The process for creating the custom station is fairly straight forward for those that know how to navigate their PC’s file structure, but if you’re completely new to that kind of thing here’s a complete how to on creating a custom GTA V radio station.

Creating the Station and Adding the Music

  • Navigate to the Rockstar Games folder in the My Documents sub folder. Most people can find it here

          Local Drive (Usually c:) > Users > My Documents > Rockstar Games

  • Open the GTA V Folder followed by the User Music Folder
  • Transfer whichever music files you want to have available to the radio station into the User Music Folder (You must have at least 3 in the folder for it to work)
  • Once you load up GTAV pull up the radio station menu and select “Self Radio”, the game should have automatically picked up and added the music in the User Music Folder to the station.
  • If it does not show up go to the pause menu, select settings, audio, perform music scan.

Playing Music

There are three different ways you can play your user added music in GTA V.

  • Radio – Randomizes your playlist and inserts things like advertisements, radio hosts, and other non-music audio that you would find on one of the other GTA radio stations.
  • Sequential – Plays the music in your folder in the same order as it is stored.
  • Randomized – Randomizes the playlist like the Radio option but does not include all the extra radio chatter in between songs.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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