Earning Star Wars Battlefront Credits quickly is very important if you want to have your trooper outfitted with the best weapons, armor, and slyest emotes on the field of battle. There are a couple different ways to earn these in game credits (luckily none of which involve actual money), the most lucrative of which is playing through the different game modes.

Credits from Matches

Earning credits from matches is simple. The credits you receive at the end of a match are 10% of the total points you earned from activities in that match added together with any victory, game, or challenge points you receive.

How do you maximize the return of credits? Easy, perform better in the game. Of course some game modes offer more points just for completing them. The longer game modes like Walker Assault and Blast give game bonuses of 2000 points, while the shorter ones like Heroes vs. Villains give 1000.

The 5 categories you can collect points in are:

  • Combat – from killing, assisting, doing damage to enemy vehicles and structures or using certain equipment.
  • Objectives – received for doing things like activating the relays in Walker Assault or capturing droids. Objectives are an easy source of points if you’re not that great at the slaying part.
  • Awards – You can earn awards for going on kill streaks or getting a certain amount of kills with different weapons. When you get one, you’ll also receive a points bonus.
  • Game Bonus – A flat amount given for completing the game. Ranges from 500 points for the shorter games, to 2000 points for the longer ones. You don’t have to win or lose, just show up.
  • Win Bonus – to the winners go the spoils. While the winning bonus isn’t usually that big (smaller than the game bonus), it’s extra incentive to go for those objectives and focus on the team play rather than running around one wolf style.

The only real tip for increasing your influx of points during a match is to make sure you’re always doing something. Even just shooting a vehicles with your blaster without destroying it will net you some points, and it’s not like you’re going to run out of ammo.

If you see an objective, take it, an enemy shoot it. Stay active and the points will come. Hiding in the back waiting for that perfect headshot may feel awesome for that slit second you do land one, but you’ve just spent 10 minutes on 250 points when you could have made that on a couple assists.

Base Command App

Every game seems to have to have a mini game tie in these days, and it just so happens that Star Wars Battlefront’s app can make you some credits too. The game tasks the player with defending their base from attackers. If you manage to hold out, you’ll earn credits that can then be used in Battlefront to unlock weapons and sweet sweet emotes.

Just be careful though. Credits are shared between Base Command and Battlefront, meaning if you spend some credits in base Command, they’ll be missing in Battlefront too. Just don’t get too purchase happy in the mini game if you’re trying to use it as supplemental income for Battlefront!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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