One of the newest high end weapon additions to Tom Clancy’s The Division is the SMG Valkyria. The weapon not only looks top notch with its shiny gold finish on top of a James Bond’esque design, the stats are good enough to make it a sought after weapon for any player.

The best thing about the weapon is its selection of perks, that work in synergy with one another.


  • Determined: Reduces all of your skill cooldowns by 9%.
  • Competent Perk: Increases weapon damage by 13.5% for ten seconds after using a skill.
  • Responsive: Increases your weapon damage by 13.5% if you’re closer than 15 meters to your target.

You can see how the perks work well with one another. The Determined perk allows you to get more skills off, while the Competent perk rewards you for using skills regularly with increased weapon damage. The Responsive perk just makes this weapon a beast in close quarters combat. Rush the enemy, pop a skill and watch the damage fly.

In terms of stats, the weapon has a fairly large 60 round clip that will let you keep the bullets coming in those tense close quarters battles. On top of that, it has a very reasonable critical chance of 21%. With a clip of 60 shots you’re bound to get around 10 critical hits or more each magazine. The Valyria comes with a gear score of 204.

How to Get it:

Unfortunately, the Valkyria comes at a pretty hefty cost. First off, you’ll need to acquire the blueprints from the Dark Zone vendor in area 03. Before you fire up the game and head for the vendor you might want to put some time in farming Dark Zone credits and Dark Zone rank. In order to purchase the Valkyria blueprints you need a Dark Zone rank of 90 and a mind blowing 261,000 Dark Zone credits. That’s not chump change, so if you have this gun on your wish list get ready to spend some time farming the Dark Zone for NPCs or other players (if that’s your thing).

Once you do get the blueprint, you’ll still have to gather all the high end crafting materials listed before you can craft it, but when you do you’ll be armed with one of the best guns in the game. Enjoy!

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Last Updated: Apr 28, 2016

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