There’s no shortage of things to keep you busy on your trek from lvl 1-30 in The Division, but once they do hit that level cap, many are wondering what’s left to do. While the game doesn’t really do a good job of pointing you to it, there’s actually a decent amount of work to be done after you’ve hit the current cap of 30.

Now not all of these activities are going to be everyone’s cup of tea, particularly if you’ve mostly been into the game because of the narrative, but they will keep your agent busy while you wait for the first piece of DLC to arrive.

Complete all the Wings in your Base

If you haven’t completed all the wings in your base you’re not only not taking part in all the game has to offer, you’re not seeing your agent at their full potential. You only get access to all of an agent’s abilities, talents, and perks when all of the three wings have been unlocked 100%. It’s also how you gain access to all your vendors have to offer.

Unlocking the wings will have you taking on a variety of challenges whether it be completing missions or collecting materials, so there’s something in there for everyone.

Daily Hard Missions/ Weekly Challenge Mode

Anyone who has played a modern MMO or even certain mobile games will be familiar with the concept of daily missions. In the Division, Daily missions reward players with Phoenix credits that can then be exchange for some of the game’s best gear, weapons, and blueprints.

There’s not a lot special about the daily missions, they’re just regular missions with added difficulty. Completing one hard mode daily will award you with 15 Phoenix credits.

Challenge missions are another form that players can complete weekly for 50 Phoenix credits. They are extremely difficult and for the most part, only able to be cleared by full squads of agents.

You’ll be needing a lot of Phoenix credits so you can fully upgrade your agent’s weapons and gear. Try to complete your dailies whenever they are available but remember, you can only hold up to 1000 phoenix credits at one time, so spend them before you hit the cap.

Upgrading your Gear

This will be your primary goal after you’ve completed all of your wings because it’s the only real way to make your agent any stronger. There are several ways to get your hands on High End gear. To make the process go a little quicker, you should diversify and take part in all of them.

Farming your dailies is a great start, but once you’ve completed them you can move start completing missions on the highest difficulty for a chance at a high end drop at the end of it. While its not guaranteed each run, the more runs you do the greater your odds of landing a great piece of gear.

Blueprints are another way to get your hands on great gear, although you’ll need to farm the materials for them from around the city.

The Dark Zone

If PvP is your thing, the Dark Zone is the place you’ll want to be. It’s not the safest place to farm NPC’s for gear, but it’s one of the most lucrative, with high end drops possible off of the named NPC’s not to mention the gear you can purchase when you get enough Dark Zone Rank and points.

If you prefer hunting other players you can always go rogue, or be the rogue hunter in hopes of catching someone tying to extract a high end piece of gear that you can take for your own. Just be careful you don’t become the prey when you pick it up.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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