The wingsuit is probably the most useful piece of gear you have in Just Cause 3, apart from your trusty grappling hook. You can use it to quickly soar into and assault enemy positions, or just as a mode of transportation when getting from A to B.

You’re probably already pretty comfortable flying for relatively short periods of time, but did you know it’s possible to keep flying almost indefinitely with the wingsuit? It will take some practice, but if you are able to master these instructions you’ll be able to greatly extend your airtime.

Pick Your Starting Point

Starting from an elevated position will allow you to build that initial speed you can build off of to keep flying. Buildings, cliffs, mountain tops and even helicopters or planes are great spots to start your flight.

When you’ve got your spot picked up it’s time to take the plunge. Just be sure there’s not a lot of stuff you need to dodge immediately after jumping. Manoeuvring around too much can cut down on your airtime.


Just like a glider, you’ll have to go down in order to go forward (until you upgrade your grapple tension). This is where practice comes in, as you’ll want to get a feel for the optimal angle that will have you going forward without dropping too much. Of course the more you aim down the faster you’re going to go, just be ready to deal with the rapidly approaching ground when you do so.

Trying to fly up will greatly reduce your speed, and will eventually cause you to “stall” resulting in the need for emergency chute deployment.


If the bare bones wingsuit is like a glider, the grapple turns it into an airplane. When you’ve unlocked the grapple you’ll be able to target nearby structures and environment with your grapple while in wingsuit mode. After landing your grapple, you’ll be able to slingshot yourself forward gaining speed and subsequently altitude in the process.

To really power up your grapples you’ll want to take a look at the different mods that can be unlocked under the wingsuit category. Here you’ll be able to increase your speed through the tension of your grapple cable, which will then be able to propel you fast enough to climb vertically.

When you’ve gotten the hang of the wingsuit and the grappling portion of it and have the necessary mods, you’ll be able to wingsuit at will wherever you please. When you feel yourself slowing down or want to gain altitude, grapple on to something for an instant boost.

Parachute Popping

You should never forget about your parachute when sliding around. You can switch seamlessly between the parachute and the wingsuit, so if you find yourself in a bit of trouble whether it be a lack of things to grapple or an imminent collision, pop your parachute to give yourself a quick bump into the air and then transition back to the wingsuit again.

This can be a lifesaver especially if you’re headed straight for an obstruction on the ground where an impact usually means certain death.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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