To the Just Cause 3 beginner, things can be extremely intimidating. The map is huge, there are at least one hundred different ways to solve a problem/ complete missions, and the abilities of the game’s protagonist almost take him to the super hero level. Of course, as powerful as you are, the enemies have upped their game just as much. You can expect to run across heavily armed troops and an array of different vehicles that will require the appropriate application of finesse and explosives to deal with.

Luckily we’ve already played the role of beginner and through our early play time with the game, have come up with some tips we think all new Just Cause 3 players will find useful.

Make Sure You Are Fully Outfitted

It can be tempting to head off into the unknown when you first start the game, rather than follow some of the early campaign missions, but if you truly want to get the most out of Rico, you should stick with the storyline at least until you get a hold of the wingsuit.

The suit is not only a fast mode of transportation, it’s necessary for pulling off some of the games stunt challenges and missions. You’ll receive the wing suit and grapple in the mission “Time for an Upgrade”. There are more upgrades to be had in future missions, but by completing this one you’ll at least have a nice barebones setup.

More Gear is Good!

Having a wide variety of gear and vehicles at your disposal will go a long way towards completing some of the tougher missions. Luckily in Just Cause 3, unlocking new gear and equipment is a very straightforward (and fun) process.

Located sporadically around the map will be enemy stronghold positions, each of which will offer you a new piece of gear or vehicles when it’s liberated. How do you liberate an enemy stronghold? By blowing it up of course! Clear out the strong hold and not only are there les enemies to deal with, you’ll got some new hardware to unleash on the next stronghold.

Modifying Gear

You can further increase the effectiveness of Rico’s gear through the game’s mod system. Unfortunately you can’t just outright by these upgrades, but instead have to unlock “Gears” that are used as the currency to then purchase the mods.

To get your hands on these gears you’ll need to complete the different challenges located around the island. Each challenge has a different type of gear rewards. Completing Crash Bomb challenges will earn you gears towards upgrading your explosive capabilities, allowing you to carry more explosives and do more damage.

Wingsuit challenges grant gears that can be spent towards upgrading Rico’s wingsuit abilities so he can fly faster, further, and take less damage when he has an aerial accident.

Practice Your Wingsuit Game

Knowing how to handle the wingsuit effectively is essential if you want to take on the tougher enemies and complete the big challenges. The flying takes some getting used to, but once you have it down you can quickly make your way across large portions of the map with nothing but your wingsuit, parachute and grapple.

When you get more confident in your abilities, head into the urban areas and practice weaving through buildings and under things like bridges and walkways. This is great preparation for the wingsuit challenges, which will have you threading the needle of some very tight spaces.

Highjack Everything

It’s easy to forget when you come from other games with less mobility, that not even enemy helicopters are safe from an unarmed man with a grappling hook. If you find yourself out gunned and on foot, even the odds by grappling to a helicopter and high jacking it. You can then turn the guns on the enemy troops, or make a quick getaway depending on what sort of mood you’re in.

Just remember, in Just Cause 3 there’s always another way to achieve your objectives, so think outside the box!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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