This is an addendum to our Money Making guide which covers money making in Azeroth. This guide covers making the cash in The Burning Crusade.

Money is what drives World of Warcraft’s economy. With the majority of good gear either crafted or bind on pickup, you won’t exactly head out to farm SoJs. Money is very useful too; you’ll find that money is needed for very important things such as consumables, flying mounts, and repairs.

In Azeroth, getting gold was rather difficult. You could farm enemies who gave very little loot but had a chance of dropping rare items, you could gather crafting materials, or you could do a few other things that brought in gold in either random large amounts or a steady small stream. It was made worse with the secondary market inflating prices of items and driving any casual gamer away from any decent items.

However, luckily with The Burning Crusade you’re given a lot of really cool and fun options for gaining gold. The following is a rather lengthy list of tips to help you gather up that gold for whatever you need!

  • Quests are by far one of the greatest sources of income, especially when done in groups. Most players find themselves at level 70 with 1 or 2 zones completely untouched and brimming with quests that offer 5-10 gold a quest (including sellable rewards!).
  • Gathering always holds strong, and in Outland it is no different. Currently stacks of herbs can sell for upwards to 40g a stack and bottoming out at around 7g a stack! While leveling up or doing quests this is a great way to supplement your income.
  • Grinding enemies, while a very boring job, is more profitable then ever. Level 70 enemies drop around 10-25 silver with random greens and sell loot (that can sell for 5-10 silver) each! Humanoids are even better as they drop cloth which sells really well!
  • Vendor greens that you, yourself, wouldn’t buy. Greens vendor for several gold (the ones above level 60) so it’s important to only list them on the AH unless you know that someone is going to buy them. If it’s something really nice then go ahead an AH it! Greens sell really good, well the good ones anyway. You can try selling some greens a little above vendor price (say double) in order to lure enchanters into buying them as well.
  • Go ahead and get the regular flying mount! It may be 1,000 gold but you’ll need the training skill anyway (for the epic flying mount). Not only that, but flying past tons of content will allow you to easily quest and grind out of enemies, making you the 100g for the mount itself back in no time!
  • Remember, on the way to level 70 you’ll have a minimum of 1,000 gold to start with after quests. Many people who take their time in questing may find that they have upwards to 1,500 to 2,000 gold when they hit level 70! That’s more then 1/3rd of the way to an epic flying mount!
  • Don’t buy gear you don’t need! Quests offer an amazingly high rate of viable gear to use and instances provide even more awesome gear (without a lot of work too boot). Not only that, but PvP rewards are available and are somewhat easy to work towards.
  • Avoid scams that try to trick you into buying a sub par recipe for little money. Sure, the new items are AMAZING but a lot of the amazing items have even more amazing items above them. Shop smart!
  • Avoid unneeded deaths and the expensive repair costs associated with them! In Outland there are a lot of large cliffs you can easily fall off of along with the abyss below Hellfire Peninsula. Be cautious of where you step!
  • Avoid BoE purple items, as always. Reputation rewards, instance rewards, and reputation rewards will outdo most all BoE purples.
  • Alchemist can find Transmute Earth Primal -> Water Primal on Sporegar revered reputation while they can find Transmute Life Primal -> Earth Primal on Kureni revered reputation. These two can make a good profit depending on your server and the prices of primals!

That’s it for tips right now. Be sure to check out our Burning Crusade portal for more great Burning Crusade advice!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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