Aerial shots in Rocket League are the pinnacle of the game. They require a high level of precision, timing and situational awareness that only comes with hours of game time and practice. If you do manage to master them you will have a huge advantage over anyone who hasn’t, essentially allowing you to use an entire other dimension to pull off shots and keep the ball out of enemy hands.

Getting there wont be easy though, you’ll have to put in the time after learning the basics. Here are our tips for conquering aerial shots.

Knowing when to use the Ball Cam

The ball cam is extremely useful to new players who can quickly become disoriented to the balls location in the frantic action that is Rocket League. Once you reach a certain level and start trying to pull off more difficult shots, Ball Cam can be more of a detriment than a help.

This is especially true when you get up close to the ball or its right over top of you where you will not be able to see your car at all, making it extremely difficult to line up shots let alone see what you’re aiming at. A true professional will practice swapping between the two camera modes, using the ball cam briefly to locate the ball and then switching back to the standard cam to line up the shot. This is much easier said than done, but if you can bind the camera to a key/ button that is easily within reach it becomes a lot easier.

Practice Your Moves

The say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something and while it hopefully won’t take you that long to master aerial shots, the more time you put into learning them, the better you will be. Luckily Rocket League has several different options that are great for trying out different moves and learning the game in a less stressful environment than the online playlists.

Training mode in Rocket League has all the options you could want for learning the ins and outs of the game. Alongside practicing, buying rocket league items can also enhance your gameplay experience. The training even offers an aerial practice mode that hovers the ball in midair while you practice smacking it into the net. Make use of these great tools and their different difficulty settings to learn the basics

When you’ve run through all of the training sessions you can move on to playing bots. Even bot matches will be a lot different than the training sessions because for one the ball isn’t just hovering there and two, you’ve got to account for the other players. Keep ratcheting up the difficulty of the bots until you’re confident enough to move into the playlists.

Use a Controller (If you’re on PC)

Controllers may be lacking the precision and swiftness needed for FPS games and RTS’s but they are perfect for driving games, especially ones that have you rocketing through the air. The analog sticks make aiming your car in the air much easier and the triggers give you throttle control that you just can’t get from the keyboard.

If you’ve got an Xbox One you can plug into your PC with any mini-usb cable. You can also buy other brands of controllers fairly cheaply off of Amazon or any other online computer retailer.

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Last Updated: Oct 03, 2023