Getting to play as Luke, Leia, Hans Solo, Vader, Boba Fett, and of course the evil Emperor Palpatine is one of the major draws of Star Wars Battlefront, but during many of the game modes, a lot of people don’t know how to do it.

With the exception of the Heroes and Villains game mode, playing as a hero is not something you can just choose or earn. Just like the rest of the power ups in the game, there will occasionally be a hero pickup placed somewhere on the map. If you’re one of the lucky players to run across it first, you can pick it up and become the featured hero of that map.

Different maps will have different heroes that you will be randomly assigned. For instance, Hoth players will become Vader or Boba Fett if they’re imperial and Rebel Alliance players could be Han Solo or Luke Skywalker.

Now that you’ve transformed into one of the most powerful heroes in the galaxy, what do you do with them? Here’s a quick rundown of each heroes abilities and how best you can use them.

Luke Skywalker

Master of the force and the lightsabre, Luke is a high mobility character that can leap across the battlefield dispatching enemies with a heavy sabre strike or force push and then deflect enemy blaster bolts right back where they came from.

Luke is the ultimate guerilla fighter. Use him to make quick attacks on the enemy and then leap away.


  • Force Push – Pushes enemies and objects a great distance.
  • Sabre Rush – A powerful lunging sabre strike.
  • Heavy Strike – One shot kills with your sabre.

Princess Leia

Surprisingly accurate with a blaster pistol for a princess, she’s also the best support hero in the game and has a variety of offensive and defensive abilities at her disposal.

She’s not as tough as some of the other heroes, but her super powered blaster more than makes up for it. Keep your distance and pick off enemies one by one while using your protective shield when things get really hairy.


  • Supply Drop – Leaves a drop that can be collected by an allied player for a card.
  • Trooper Bane – A powerful blaster shot that can hit multiple opponents and penetrate shields.
  • A super powered version of the regular shield. Does that same thing but lasts longer.

Han Solo

Quick with a blaster and deadly accurate, Han Solo is one of the best ranged weapons in the game. Able to quickly mow down entire packs of enemies with his quick firing blaster, he also has a close quarters aces up his sleeve in shoulder charge. Maximize your advantage by staying at medium range.


  • Shoulder Charge – Unleash your inner football player by charging shoulder first into a pack of storm troopers.
  • Rapid Fire – Temporarily stops your gun from overheating and speeds up the shot count.
  • Lucky Shot – Explodes on impact dealing AoE damage to any enemies nearby.

Darth Vader

The coolest hero in terms of looks and ability has to be Darth Vader. Your team’s confidence level will shoot through the roof when he steps onto the battlefield. If there’s multiple foes use your force choke to immediately take one out of the picture and then use your heavy strike to deal with the rest.

If someone’s bothering you at range, or trying to make an escape, knock them down with a lightsabre throw.


  • Force Choke - Lifts an enemy into the air and slowly chokes the life out of them. Use liberally.
  • Heavy Strike – A powerful AoE strike capable of taking out a large group of soldiers in your immediate area.
  • Sabre Throw – Fires your light sabre 100m before it returns to your hand. Kills everything in between.

Boba Fett

The tankiest hero has to be Boba Fett, who boasts a high survivability thanks to his full body armor. That doesn’t slow him down any though, as he’s able to leap around the battlefield with the use of his jet pack.

Hit and run tactics work best for Fett. Jump in close and unleash a devastating flamethrower attack and blaster barrage before jumping out and finishing off the stragglers with a rocket.


  • JetPack – Allows Boba to fly across the battlefield with ease.
  • Flame Thrower – A powerful close range weapon that can take out packs of nearby enemies.
  • Wrist Rocket – Great for enemies at a distance. Also packs an explosive punch perfect for dealing with group up troops.

Emperor Palpatine

The surprisingly nimble Palpatine doesn’t use a lightsabre, but he’s still an extremely powerful sith to face. Force lighting is the name of the game with Palpatine. He can fire quick bursts as his primary attack, or charge it up for a devastating channeled blast.

Stay at range and fry enemies with your force lighting. If they get too close, force dash your way to safety.


  • Imperial Resources – Drops a random supply card for a fellow teammate.
  • Force Dash – Propels Palpatine ahead at a staggering speed.
  • Chain Lighting – Streams a deadly chain of force lighting at its primary target that can then leap off and fry any other nearby enemies.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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