Your number one tool of destruction in Just Cause 3 is not your rockets or grenades, it’s your trusty tether (grapple). Not only can you use it to quickly scale buildings and propel yourself along indefinitely with the wingsuit, it can also be used in a purely offensive way.

The grapple has two barbed ends that can attach two objects together (whether they want to be or not), leading to some very creative solutions to some of the enemies tougher foes like helicopters and even tanks. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t can be a painful process for Rico, but luckily we’ve done a little field work and put together a list of our most useful grapple tips.

Tether Enemies Down to Kill/Disable Them

Enemy soldiers and vehicles can be grappled to the ground to reduce their mobility. You can then reel them in for a one shot kill on weaker enemies like soldiers, or send them careening into danger if they’re a vehicles.

Bigger/ heavier threats will take tougher tethers, so consider investing some grapple gear points (earned from completing grapple challenges) into high strength tethers.

Pair Tethers with Explosives

Nothing goes together quite as well together as tethers and explosives. When you want to get a remotely detonated bomb into a hard to reach area, tether an object (or person) to that area, stick a bomb to them and reel it in. After they’ve gone flying to the destination, detonate the bomb for added destruction. It’s almost as good as a laser guided missile!

Tether Tear Down

Even without explosives tethers are a powerful tool of scenic destruction. When faced with the challenge of tearing down a statue or other landmark, place as many tethers as you can between it and another solid surface and then reel them in. If you’re tethers are strong enough (may need upgrading for certain materials), the statue/ object will tear itself apart.

Another prime structural target for your tethers are the large fuel containers that can be found in many of the enemies strongholds. Tether them to other fuel containers and reel in for a tasty explosion.

Have Fun with Tethers

Tethering bad guys isn’t all serious business, there are plenty of ways to be creative with tethering. Consider attaching an enemy soldier to a fuel barrel and then shooting that barrel to send him rocketing off into a sky high explosion.

Stealing with tethers is another great way to go. Get yourself a heavy chopper and tether yourself a tank before making your getaway, only to return with said tank to destroy the rest of the enemy.

The windmills are a professional tetherers dream canvas. You can tether pretty much anything to the giant spinning blades to instantly send them spinning into a high speed death twirl. Just make sure you’ve got enough/ strong enough tethers holding them there or the spinning force could send them flying.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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