The Kirin Tor Offensive is a faction that was added to Mists of Pandaria as of Patch 5.2. While they are a sub-faction of the Kirin Tor they are not found in Darnassas rather they can be found on the Isle of Thunder.

The Kirin Tor Offensive is an Alliance only faction, the Horde equivelent is the Sunreaver Onslaught.

Earning Reputation with the Kirin Tor Offensive

As with most Mists of Pandaria factions, reputation with the Kirin Tor Offensive is mainly gained by completing daily quests. These quests are found on the Isle of Thunder and while not identical, are very similar for both the Kirin Tor Offensive and the Sunreaver Offensive.

You can find a guide for the daily quests here: Isle of Thunder Daily Quests.

In addition to completing daily quests, there are a few different solo scenarios that become available to you as you make your way through the Isle of Thunder. These become available as your faction unlocks the various stages of the isle. These scenarios are in place to help tell you the backstory about the isle and your fight to gain access to the Throne of Thunder to stop the Thunderking. They also grant reputation when you complete them.

You can find more information about them here: Isle of Thunder Solo Scenarios.

In addition to reputation earned while completing the daily quests for the Kirin Tor Offensive, you will earn a small amount of gold and 5 valor points per quest completed. Since there are roughly 12 quests to complete per day, this can add up over time. Reputation wise, you will earn 1850 reputation per day if you complete all of the quests available.

Tips for Gaining Reputation Faster

While adventuring on the Isle of Thunder your will find items called Tattered Historical Parchments. These can be turned into the quartermaster at the rate of 1 for a Kirin Tor Offensive Insignias or 10 for a Greater Kirin Tor Offensive Insignias. The normal insignias grant 25 reputation when used and the greaters grant 250 reputation when used. No matter which you purchase, the important thing is to save them until you reach revered with the Kirin Tor Offensive.

Once you reach revered you will be able to purchase a Grand Commendation of the Kirin Tor Offensive. This item will grant you a permanent 100% bonus to all reputation with the faction.

Once you have the Grand Commendation, then turn in all of your saved insignias for double the effect that they would have otherwised granted.

Kirin Tor Offensive Reputation Rewards

The Kirin Tor offer some rewards to WoW players as they increase thier reputation with them.

Since this faction is more about PVE / PVP content and not the actual raid content on the Isle of Thunder, the rewards that they offer are not as desirable for raid players as other valor items available as of patch 5.2. Raiders will be far more interested in the valor items available from the Shado-Pan Assault than they will be from the Kirin Tor Assault.

However, since the Shado-Pan Assault requires you to participate in raid content, the items here will be useful to those players that do not raid.

One of the great items available for non-raiding players is the Blood Spirit item used for crafting. These are available for 400 valor and make it possilbe to craft high end items without raiding for the materials.

Once you become honored with the Kirin Tor you will be able to buy item level 476 belts from the quartermaster for 300 gold. While most raid players will have a belt of higher item level than this already, it should help those that have fallen behind, or those that do not raid. It is especially nice for alts since they can be purchased for gold and do not require valor points.

The valor point items do not become available until you reach Revered and Exalted. At Revered you can purchase item level 496 cloaks for 937 valor points. Once you reach exalted you will be able to purchase item level 496 rings for 937 valor points as well.

Maybe the best reason to grind reputation with the Kirin Tor Offensive though is the mount that becomes available for purchase at exalted. After all who doesn't want the ability to ride a giant triceritops!

Kirin Tor Offensive Quartermaster

The quartermaster for the Kirin tor Offensive is Hiren Loresong. If you have just started on the isle you will find him on the boat that you land on when you fly to the isle and meet Jaina Proudmoore. Later on you will find him on the Violet Rise after you have established a beachhead on the isle.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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