Perhaps one of the most beloved features in World of Warcraft is the game's transmogrification system. Transmogrification allows the player to replace the appearance of much of their gear with items they have collected over time. Most players have at least one piece of gear transmogrified and many enjoy creating elaborate looks, completing old dungeons and raids in hopes of finding the perfect match for their set.

So what changes in Legion?


Perhaps the biggest addition to transmogrification in Legion is the Wardrobe. If your bank, Void Storage, and bags are filled to the brim with gear you have been keeping around for transmog purposes, this is your dream come true. The Wardrobe is a collection tab for any and all transmog gear you own.

No longer will your storage be totally taken up by old item sets, every item that is bound to your character will be added into the Wardrobe. This includes items from old quest rewards that you may not have picked, which will automatically be added into your Wardrobe at the launch of Legion. After an item has been added, there is no need to keep it on hand. Vendor, disenchant, throw away, or whatever else you want to do with these items; you do not need to burden yourself with them any longer.

Even more exciting; all items now unlock on an account wide level. There are some small stipulations though. For example, the item will only be unlocked for a character if you are able to equip it on that character. This means that your Mage won't be rocking a plate chest piece anytime soon.

Finally, the Wardrobe will give you a running total of all the items you currently have compared with the items you could potentially have. You may also choose to view a list of the items you don't currently own. This list will provide you with useful information like what the item looks like and where the item can be obtained. 


While the Wardrobe feature will solve the clutter problem, developers aren't stopping there. In order to help you keep your favorite sets together and to better keep track of your items, Outfits are coming in Legion. Outfits will allow you to store transmog sets for future use. All your favorite outfits will be available with just a simple click of a button. Frantic searching is a thing of the past.

Not only will you have the ability to save your favorite transmogs, you will also be able to share them with other players. Every Outfit can be linked in game chat (whispers, General Chat, etc.) just like an item. Players who can see the link can try on the Outfit and also gives them the ability to create a shopping list of sorts for items they may want to collect in the future.

What happens to hidden slots when you save an outfit? If you are not showing an item, like a helm or cloak, the hidden slot will remain saved with that particular Outfit. You will not have to re-hide the item slot each time you put on that Outfit. Hidden slots have included up to this point your helm and cloak slots. However, in Legion, players will now be able to hide their shoulder slot as well as the other previous hidden slots.

New Transmog Slots

In Legion you will be able to customize your character more than ever before using transmog. Currently, there are three new transmog slots planned:

  • Weapon Enchants / Illusions
  • Shirts
  • Tabards

How Do I Transmog in Legion?

  • Just find any transmog NPC, click on them and the new transmog window will open. 
  • This new window now includes the expanded Legion transmog window.   You can build and save outfits via this interface and browse them at any time.  
  • You can only change appearance however, at an NPC.
  • Interface options to hide helm and cloak are gone.   You must be at a transmogrifier to hide them now. 
  • Picking up items will auto-add them to your Wardrobe.
  • The Wardrobe is an excellent way of "finding" the pieces that you like.   Just click on an item and the discovery information will be provided. 
  • All quest rewards, regardless of whether you chose them or not will be included in the wardrobe.  Choice of a sword or a shield?  Both will be in the Wardrobe. 
    • The exception is items that you can't equip. 
  • One downside: If for instance your Mage gets a shield option in a quest, they can't use it, so it doesn't get put in the Wardrobe.   It will not show up for your Warrior.  
  • Any "cosmetics" will unlock for all of your characters. 
  • You can transmog over your Artifact Weapon.


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Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016

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