Although he's mostly known for his Support qualities, the Lich is a good all round hero with plenty of utility and damage dealing spells at his disposal. His power is anchored by his ultimate which is capable of controlling team fights if used correctly. Many of his other abilities also cause frost damage and apply a slow/ freeze effect which further cements his capability on the field. To learn how to use the Lich to his full potential, have a look at some of the more helpful tips we have gathered below.

You Don't Need Much Farm - Of course having more gold is always good, but the Lich plays quite capably without having to farm CS all game. He has a high base damage and the damage his abilities cause scale well even without items. This is one of the main reasons the Lich makes such an excellent support.

Use Your Speed - The Lich has one of the higher movement speed and attack ranges so use them to your advantage. Quickly dart in to harass the enemy with a Frost Blast, or deny them creeps and then run back to safety. This is especially helpful when playing support because it gives your carry an advantage on the enemy carry, paying off in lane/team fights down the road.

Using Dark Ritual - The Dark Ritual ability gives the Lich extreme presence over whatever lane he is in because he can use it to replenish his mana and then constantly bombard the enemy with Frost Blast. Having a constant source of mana also means that the Lich can use the gold he would have spent on mana generating items on items that increase other attributes instead. It is important to remember that the amount of mana gained is dependent on the amount of health of the minion you sacrifice, so be sure and use minions with full health to maximize it's effect.

Timing Your Ultimate - Chain Frost is an extremely powerful ability when you time it right. When you fire the orb it will bounce up to ten times between any enemy units that are close together. That includes creeps so be sure and wait until their are only a few or no creeps at all in the area to maximize the amount of bounces that hit heroes.

It's also important to make sure the enemy team is grouped up enough that you get the maximum amount of bounces. If your team has abilities that stun groups of enemies at the same time, or abilities that pull enemies together like the Enigma's Black Hole, wait until they go off before throwing down Chain Frost.

Play it Safe - Squishy heroes are always a prime target, but it's your ultimate that will really put a bounty on your head. Enemy teams will be wanting to make quick work of you before you can fire Chain Frost so use your range to keep a safe distance and Ice Armor to protect yourself and slow attackers while you make your escape.

Your best bet during a team fight is to stick to the outer edges of the engagement, unleashing Chain Frost early when the best opportunity presents itself. After that you can use Ice Armor to protect allied heroes and Frost Blast on the enemy carry to slow their movement and attack speed.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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