Lower City is the next place you will be needing reputation with in order to access Heroic Versions of the Auchindoun dungeons, settled as a community right outside of Shattrath’s inner circle, the Lower City representatives are often Broken or Arakkoa who have decided to join Shattrath’s sanctuary in hopes of gaining some defenses against those they have turned against.

Revered and Exalted rewards will interest mostly Healers and Druids, having one of the best healing trinkets pre-raid (Lower City Prayerbook) and a handful of Feral Druid equipment and an offensive (shaman, druid, paladin) head enchantment item!

Neutral to Honored

As always, you will need to grind monsters initially if you want to maximize your reputation earnings when it comes to the Lower City faction. There is a quest in Lower City given by an Arakkoa, which you can repeat as many times as you like until you hit Honored by collecting Arakkoa Feathers from the nearby hostile Arakkoa Outposts. We’ll cover that quest next, however, in addition, you may also want to run Sethekk Halls, Auchenai Crypts and Shadow Labyrinth for reputation to go up (along with quest completion for even more reputation earnings!)

An Outcast’s Plight

Bring 30 Arakkoa Feathers to Vekax in Shattrath's Lower City.

This quest will allow you to reach Honored eventually should you keep on turning Arakkoa Feathers to Vekax, each time you turn 30 in, you will be earning 250 reputation with Lower City as well as a randomized item for your troubles. Should you want to go to Honored JUST turning in Arakkoa Feathers, you will need 1080 to go from Neutral to Honored. It is recommended you do the dungeon quests along with Feather Hunting, since every dungeon except Shadow Labyrinth will stop yielding reputation per kill once you reach Honored.
As a sidenote, Mana-Tombs will not yield any Lower City reputation as it is a dungeon for the Consortium and those who want to bump their reputation up with them.

Dungeon Reputation until Honored
Auchenai Crypts: ~750 reputation
Sethekk Halls: ~1200 reputation

Honored to Exalted

Once you attain Honored status with Lower City, you will no longer be able to turn in Arakkoa Feathers nor will you gain reputation from running Auchindoun’s dungeons except Shadow Labyrinth. Shadow Labyrinth continues the trend that level 70 zones will still yield reputation even if under normal difficulty.
This is the most ideal time to begin doing all the quests available to you at this point in time, Lower City gives out around 34 quests ranging from fighting Arakkoa, to fighting near Auchindoun, obtained both at Lower City NPCs and Allerian Stronghold or Stonebreaker Hold.
In addition, completing the specialization quest on a tailoring specialty (shadowcloth, mooncloth or spellcloth) will net you 150 reputation with Lower City. Masters of Elixirs (Alchemists) will be getting 250 reputation upon completion.
Once you hit Revered, you will be able to access the Heroic versions of the Auchindoun dungeons, and any of these will yield reputation with Lower City, again, except Mana-Tombs which will be giving off Consortium Reputation per kill.

Reputation Numbers

As an additional aid to you the player we have a chart for you to gauge how you will be getting your reputation within the dungeons, so you can plan accordingly as to when you will finally obtain Exalted if you're going for it!
Auchenai Crypts – Both Difficulties = ~750 reputation per run (Bosses (2): 90, Trash: 8-10)
Sethekk Halls – Both Difficulties = ~1200 reputation per run (Bosses (2): 90, Trash: 8-10)
Shadow Labyrinth – Both Difficulties = ~2200 reputation per run (Bosses: 120, Murmur: 240, Trash: 12-20)


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Last Updated: Aug 03, 2021


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