Priestess Delrissa is the third boss in Magisters’ Terrace. Not much lore is known about Delrissa, other than she’s a Shivarra who is labeled as humanoid and not demon (which all other Shivarra are). She comes with 4 random mini bosses which makes this encounter extremely difficult or extremely easy depending on which mini bosses spawn and how well your group can handle 5 bosses at once.

There is a trick that you can use to get the 4 mini bosses that you want. At the start of the entrance if you look down at the courtyard you’ll see Priestess Delrissa and her four allies. From their names (below) you can easily tell which have spawned. You can also use /target <name> near the entrance to also preview which bosses have spawned. Just try targeting each name and the ones that you actually target are the ones that have spawned. You can leave the instance and use the “reset instance” feature to reset the instance to force a new spawn.

A bad combination for most any group would be Apoko the Shaman along with a Melee heavy group (Say Kagani Nightstrike, Warlord Salaris, and Eramas Brightblaze). Windfury, Earth Bind, and a heavy usage of purge followed by hard hitting melee can make for a very difficult battle especially with Warlord Salaris’s Mortal Strike.

It’s generally considered that the melee NPC’s are the worst, especially Warlord Salaris. Most groups will reset the instance the second they see Salaris due to how annoying Mortal Strike can be.

Mini Bosses

Four of the following mini bosses will spawn with Priestess Delrissa. All of them are immune to Seduce and Mind Control.

Name Abilities
Apoko Shaman: Totems (Fire Nova, Earth Bind, Windfury), Warstomp, Purge, and can heal others. Immune to Mind Control and Seduce.
Eramas Brightblaze Warrior: Pummel.
Ellrys Duskhallow Warlock: Fear, Seed of Corruption, Shadow Bolt, and has an Imp pet (that dies quickly). As a Humanoid she can be polymorphed for most of the fight.
Garaxxas Hunter: Freezing Trap, Concussive Shot (with the ability to stun), and has a pet. Demonoid, so Turn Evil or banish works well.
Kagani Nightstrike Rogue: Gouge, Kick, Cheap Shot, Vanish, and Crippling Poison. Can Vanish at random and go to a random target and attack. Very annoying if it gets on a caster.
Warlord Salaris Warrior: Mortal Strike, Charge, and Intimidating Shout.
Yazzai Mage: Blizzard, Frost Nova, Frostbold, Ice Block, Polymorph. Is Humanoid so Polymorph works wonders.
Zelfan Engineer: Explosive Sheep, Goblin Rocket Launcher, Grenade, and Goblin Flame Gun.


Priestess Delrissa’s Skills

She is always part of the group and serves as the group’s priest. The skills she uses are the same as a priest would use, although slightly more powerful.

  • Flash Heal
  • Renew
  • Shadow Word: Pain (Try not to dispel this as it'll keep most forms of CC from breaking)
  • Power Word: Shield
  • Dispel Magic


This fight is all about handling the adds. The major problem is that most of the adds do very little damage but are extremely annoying. The adds must be CC’d throughout the battle with the tank tanking as many as possible. A good tank can hold up to three of the adds with little to no problem due to how little damage they do.

The fight breaks down into three sections. The first section is pulling since you want your tank to have aggro on as many of the mobs as the tank wants to tank fast. They’re immune to taunt as well which makes pulling an art. The first thing to do would be to have the Rogue move in and Sap one of the Humanoid bosses (but get away from them since when the encounter starts they will be unstealthed). Then have the tank pull.

When the tank pulls there can be trouble. The Naga Warrior (Salaris) will use Charge on whoever pulls meaning that they’ll be stunned temporarily. While short in duration, the stun can mean that the adds go out of control while the tank is unable to grab aggro from anything. Ellrys, the Warlock, will also fear whoever pulls although that’s easily taken care of with Fear Ward or anything that can dispel magic.

What some tanks will do is pull from range and then hide behind a pillar. Being out of LoS, the group will walk behind the pillar which will prevent things such as Charge happening and it makes the pull rather clean. However, time is of the essence and you’ve got to pull and hide behind the pillar within seconds.

The second part is managing the adds. The priestess herself only does about 500 damage a hit to cloth (with about 900 on heroic). The other adds do similar damage. So it’s not really a hard fight damage wise. However, there is going to be debuffs and magic going everywhere so you want to have as many of the adds occupied for the majority of the fight as possible.

Use every form of CC possible. Fear is perfectly fine to use and each of the adds have a different way to be taken care of. So pile on everything. Scatter Shot, Frost Trap, Earthbind Totem, Frost Nova, etc. are all perfectly fine ways to take care of the adds. Just keep them occupied!

The third part of the fight is managing the aggro and doing DPS. Every NPC is immune to taunt so you’re not going to be able to taunt them off of someone and they really like to target healers/cloth wearers. So you’re going to want to use any threat lowering abilities (fade/invisibility/feign death) frequently.

As for DPS you’re going to want to take down the Priestess first. She will heal the other NPCs like mad so she should go down first. She’s not difficult to take out either as she’s rather weak and does little damage. Remove her buffs and concentrate on her first. Once she’s down take out the others in any order, although the Shaman would be an excellent second target if it’s up due to the ability to heal.

One thing to keep in mind is if you get

So in summary for this fight:

  • Keep the adds CC’d as much as possible.
  • The tank should take on at least two of the adds.
  • DPS down the Priestess, then the Shaman, and then anyone else.
  • The Priestess can be tanked by anyone easily.
  • The aggro will be sporadic, so everyone should be ready to deal with an add coming their way

If you keep everything under control then the fight will be smoothly and you’ll be ready to advance towards Priest Kael’thas in no time.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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