Kael’thas Sunstrider, Lord of the Blood Elves, is the final boss in Magisters’ Terrace and can be an easy or difficult battle depending on the skill of everyone involved in the fight. The story so far is that Kael’thas was defeated in Tempest Keep while he was still a servant of Illidan. Later on, Illidan was defeated as well. However, Kael’thas survived somehow. Located in Magisters’ Terrace he is working on summoning Kil’jaeden into Azeroth by restoring the sunwell and using its power to bring him into this world.


Kael’thas is much weaker than he was in Tempest Keep, but some of his skills carry over.

  • Fireball: Does about 2,000 to 3,000 damage and roughly 6,000 on heroic mode. You can interrupt him while he’s casting it.
  • Flamestrike: On the ground a spell circle will appear and anyone within it five seconds later will get hit for about 5,000 damage (9,000 on heroic).
  • Summon Phoenix:  Summons a Phoenix which during phase 1 will move very slowly towards whoever has the most threat and during phase 2 will remain stationary if still alive. They have the ability to cast a weaker Fireball and constantly cast Hellfire that deals a massive 2,000 damage a second. Hellfire will eventually kill the phoenix, which will severely damage and knockback anything near it and spawn an egg that must be destroyed or else the phoenix will rise once more.
  • Gravity Lapse: At 50% health Kael’thas will begin only casting Gravity Lapse which lasts for 30 seconds. Gravity Lapse will have three Arcane Orbs following various party members that deal massive melee damage. During Gravity Lapse you’ll be able to swim through the air, bounce to the ceiling when you’re close to the floor, and receive 300 Arcane damage per second.

Heroic Abilities

  • Shock Barrier: Absorbs 10,000 damage and makes Kael’thas immune to interrupts. Marks the start of Pyroblast.
  • Pyroblast: Deals roughly 55,000 damage before resists. 4 second casting time.


This is a two phase battle. Phase one is mostly about tanking, doing DPS, and managing the phoenixes as they spawn. Phase two is about having the entire party avoid the Arcane Orbs and then deal as much DPS as possible when Gravity Lapse is over with.

Phase One

During phase one you will need to have a tank keep Kael’thas’s attention while everyone else works on DPSing him down. Someone should interrupt him whenever he begins casting Fireball. Outside of that the fight is very simple. Well, except for whenever he summons a phoenix.

A little after the fight begins he’ll summon the first. A few minutes later he’ll summon the second. A third will arrive a few minutes after that. The hellfire ability will deal 2,000 damage a second meaning that within 5 seconds 10,000 hp can easily be burned through. The goal is to have ranged DPS kite the phoenix around the room while dealing as much damage to burn it down as possible. Whatever you do keep the phoenix away from the main tank. It must be kited away from him at all cost. Once the phoenix dies then its egg must also be destroyed quickly or it’ll respawn.

If a phoenix or a phoenix egg is alive at the ~55% mark then everyone needs to focus damage on it, except for the main tank who needs to maintain aggro on Kael’thas. If the phoenix is alive at the 50% mark (start of phase two) then you’ll no longer be able to kite it and it’ll probably wipe your party.

Phase Two

At 50% Kael’thas will stop attacking or spawning phoenixes. Instead he’ll cast Gravity Lapse. This will teleport everyone near him, spawn three Arcane Orbs that melee for about 2,000 damage a hit, and make the room act like you’re swimming in water. The goal during this phase is that anyone with Arcane Orb aggro needs to kite them around and everyone else needs to keep a wide distance. A Priest or Druid should keep some kind of HoT (heal over time) on the entire party as they will be taking 300 damage per second from Kael’thas and HoTs are instant cast allowing the healer to continue to move while still healing the party.

After 30 seconds Kael’thas will tire and be attackable for about 30 seconds. He won’t fight back, so unload everything. Afterwards he’ll recast Gravity Lapse and this cycle will continue until his defeat.

That’s pretty much the entire fight. In phase one deal damage, kite phoenixes, and wait until 50%. At 50% avoid the Arcane Orbs and unload as much damage as possible whenever Gravity Lapse ends. In Heroic Mode you’re going to have a little bit of a difficulty with his Pyroblast. What seems to be everyone’s favorite strategy, outside of having a Paladin bubble or a tank use Shield Wall/Last Stand is to have a Rogue tank him once the shield goes up. Cheat Death will negate the Pyroblast blow.

After Kael’thas is defeated then the instance is finished and you can leave! Be sure to have anyone on the quest “Hard to Kill” to loot his body for his head to turn in to unlock Heroic Mode.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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