Vexallus is the second boss in Magisters’ Terrace and is significantly more difficult than Salin Fireheart. The fight is a rush between healing and DPS due to the nature of the stacking debuffs the Pure Energy spawns place upon your group. It’s advised to bring some Arcane resistance and Arcane Protection Potions for groups that are not overgeared for the instance.


Energy Bolt: Vexallus randomly casts Energy Bolt which is an instant cast 3,000 damage spell.

Enrage: At the 20% point.

Overlord: At about 10% HP Vexallus will activate Overload which will cause me to start chain-casting an ability similar to Arcane Blast except it targets the entire group. A debuff is applied to the entire group each cast which increases damage taken by 10% from Arcane magic.

Spawn Pure Energy: Every 15% health Vexallus will spawn 1 (on Normal Mode) or 2 (on Heroic Mode) Pure Energy adds. These adds have 1 HP, can cast Energy Bolt which does about 3,000 damage, and on their death will place Energy Feedback onto whoever dealt the killing blow. Energy Feedback deals 300 damage per second but increases damage by 50% and can stack up to 10 times.

Taunt Immune: Vexallus is immune to Taunt.


This fight isn’t so much about handling the boss but it’s about handling the adds. The debuff isn’t dispellable in a conventional sense, but instead there are different tricks to deal with them.

  • Pets can instantly kill a Pure Energy and then take the debuff. Warlock Voidwalkers or any Hunter pet is good for this. The pet will eventually die from the debuff if not healed so you essentially sacrifice it to absorb the debuff.
  • Mages can Ice Block out of the debuff and Rogues can use Cloak of Shadows.
  • Have a Mage absorb multiple debuffs and DPS Vexallus then once you’ve reached 3 or 4 debuffs have the Mage Ice Block to remove them. This is especially good if your healer can heal both the tank and the Mage efficiently.
  • Overgeared groups or groups with substantial amounts of healing can use the debuffs in their favor. If the healer can heal through the debuffs or if you have hybrid healing then you can allow the debuffs to stick and benefit from their additional DPS.
  • In heroic mode it’s advisable to use every trick in the book to deal with these adds. For 2 you can have a Voidwalker absorb them, for another 2 you can have a Hunter’s pet absorb them, for the next 2 you could have a Rogue Cloak of Shadows out of them, for the next 2 you could have a Mage absorb them and let your healer heal through it until the next 2 spawn at which point the Mage can Ice Block, effectively removing all the debuffs. However, not every party will have a Mage, Warlock, Rogue, and Hunter so plan ahead accordingly.

In normal mode there will be a total of 5 Pure Energy spawns and in Heroic you’ll have a total of 10. At the 25% mark he’ll stop spawning Pure Energy and at around 20% he’ll Enrage. Then at 10% he’ll go into Overload. So basically the fight is about handling the debuffs to keep healing manageable and outputting enough DPS at the 20% mark to burn him down before he kills everyone.

Remember at 20% he’ll Enrage and at 10% he’ll go into Overload, so you need enough DPS to take him down before he obliterates your party. Sometimes it can be advisable to leave the debuffs on a few members of your party. This is especially true for anyone who has brought a Major Arcane Protection Potion which can give 28 to 40 seconds of immunity from the debuff.

Save all of your DPS trinkets until the 20% mark and just focus everything on taking him down.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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