Everyone is always looking to make some extra gold, so here are 5 quick gold making tips to make some extra gold with your professions.

5 – Making bags

This is something that never seems to go out of style.  Every player out there needs bags to be able to carry items around in and players are constantly creating new characters needing new bags. 

Better yet the cloth to create almost all of the bags that sell is cheaper than the bags will sell for by about half.  Simply buy stacks of cloth turn them into bags, and sell them for a quick profit.  On most servers you can create and sell 10 to 20 bags a day making a profit on each.

One of the best bags to make are embersilk bags since they are 22 slots. As you can see the profit margin is there, and this was a high price on cloth and dust and low price on the bag. It takes 75 cloth and 15 dust to create an Embersilk bag, which means a rough cost of 300 gold for the materials, for a profit of about 150 gold.

4 – Use your Daily cooldowns

This should be really obvious, however a lot of players do not make sure that they use their cooldowns each and every day. The cooldowns are limited to a 24 hour reset period for a reason, they generate great materials and Blizzard wants to limit their availability.  This limited availability also means that they will almost always be in demand.

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Make sure that you create the items that you can each day.

Just a few examples of the cooldowns that you should make sure you use are:

  • Tailoring – Imperial Silk
  • Enchanting – Creating a Sha Crystal
  • Inscription – Scroll of Wisdom
  • Alchemy – Living Steel

The items created from these cooldowns are then sold for quick profit.  For example tailors can sell off the imperial silk items every 4 days for 1,000 to 2,000 gold while players with inscription can create a card each day that could be a huge profit (it could turn out to be an Ox card and worthless, but hey, that is the risk).

3 – Flasks

Alchemists have a great money making ability since flasks will always be in demand.  The trick here is to make sure that you are an Elixir Master so that you can get extra flasks when you create flasks.  This will not always happen, but sometimes you can get up to 5 flasks instead of just one.  When you do you will make a huge profit on the flasks.

2 – Sell Profession Kits

This is a relatively new way to make gold, that started showing up in Cataclysm and has made a return in Mists of Pandaria.  While these are time consuming to put together they can make a huge profit when sold.

What you do here is collect everything you need for materials to go from skill 1 to 600 in a profession and start spamming trade chat that you have a levelling kit for sale.  The common sets that sell well are for Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Inscription, Tailoring, and Enchanting.  While the other professions could have levelling kits created they just don’t seem to sell as well.

To create a kit you need to find and collecting all of the items required for a player to go from 1-600 and some spares, to ensure they do not get stuck on any patterns that are yellow instead of orange that need to be created.  Generally, you can put a kit together by purchasing items on the auction house for between 6k to 10k.  You can then sell them for 12k to 18k pretty easily. 

These are a pretty easy double of your gold on a weekend, but do require a fair amount of work. You need to do your research and figure out all the items you need to supply, then spend time buying all of them, then time spamming them for sale, and finally the time it actually takes to transfer all of them to the purchaser.

1 – Milling Herbs for pigments and creating Inks

This is one that simply never ceases to amaze me in it’s simplicity and the pure amount of gold it can generate.  All you need to do is buy up mass quantities of herbs, mill them, create inks, and sell off those inks.

In general the MOP herbs you will generate about 10 shadowy pigments and 1 misty pigment per stack from green tea leaf, rain poppy, snow lily, or silkweed.  Fool’s cap generates more pigment at about 12 shadowy pigments and 2 misty pigments per stack.

Lately I have been able to get stacks of herbs for about 22 gold, or 60 gold for fool’s cap.  I stick to the cheaper ones as they create more profit due to their lower cost.  For every 100 stacks purchased I end up with roughly 1000 Ink of Dreams and 50 Starlight inks.  The 1000 Ink of Dreams are then traded in for another 50 Starlight inks.  Starlight ink has been selling for roughly 500 gold per 10 stack. This means that I spend roughly 2200 gold and end up with a little under 4800 gold, doubling my money with about 10 minutes of work. This is with the bare minimum that I have gotten from milling, sometimes you will end up with a lot more of the misty pigments and make even more.

If you are careful about when you buy and when you sell, you can pretty easily get 3 or 4 times your gold spent back as a profit.  This is even after the huge price drops on inks since MOP’s release.  Early on even though herbs sold for more, it was pretty easy to make a profit of 6 to 7 times what you spent.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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