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Maraudon is a level 46 to 50 instance located in Desolace. You may obtain around 5-6 quests for it, and if tackled on seriously, will take about 6-7 hours to complete from start to finish. It was Blizzard's first content-added instance, and it sports 2 wings as well as a quest item to let you teleport around to the final part of it!

Levels Recommended



Southwest Desolace


Once you enter the gates, go through the tunnels and find the centaur called "The Nameless Prophet". Once you kill him, he'll let you loot his Amulet of Spirits, a quest item.

Once you arrive at the first fork in the road, you'll see purple, orange and an arch with 2 centaur statues. Go to the statue area and use the amulet of spirits on the Spirit of Kolk - this will make him agressive toward you, killing him will net you the Gem of the First Kahn.

Now, head back and take the Orange crystal path, and take the quest "Legends of Maraudon" so you can obtain the scepter eventually! Heading down this path, turn left and use your amulet of spirits on the third Kahn, and kill him to loot his Gem.

Go back and now going to the east, you should see a tunnel, this will lead you into the first instance portal.

Orange Instance

As you make your way through, be careful of Creeping Sludges - if you melee them you will be getting damaged a lot by their AOE poison! use ranged attackers or kite them and kill them quickly in order to get them out of the way. Don't let them bunch up or get in the middle of your group.


Tank charges in and everyone attacks. Every 10 seconds he will split into 8 Noxxion spawns, which you must kill. If you have a mage or a warlock, have them AOE, otherwise, take care of them as quickly as possible. Once the last spawn dies, Noxxion reappears, so just keep on fighting him until he's dead.


Razorlash is an optional boss for this wing; you may find him at the end of the tunnels past Noxxion. There's really no strategy to him other than tank and spank him, and he will mostly drop Nature Resist loot, if you need any.

Violet Instance

Backtrack out of the instance and take the other fork in the road, to the violet tunnel. Go right on the next fork and you will see the instance zone-in. If you want to get another gem of Kahn, go to the opposite side of the instance portal, walking past a bridge and going left, you will find a small shrine, and the second Kahn. Killing him will net you your Gem for the quest.

Within the instance, you will find pulls of Satyrs and Imps, not a big deal for a well-made group, just take out the imps first and then the Satyrs. You should see the fourth Kahn on the way to the next boss, so kill him and grab your fourth gem. With this, you can make your Amulet of Union.

Once you arrive to Lord Vyletongue, you will need to send your tank in to tank him, and focus on his adds (you can banish one if you brought a warlock!), then on him. He can teleport around, but he's not that much of a threat to you.

Looting him you will gain the Scepter of Celebras, giving you 2 out of the 3 things you need for your scepter!

You will need to jump down as you continue down your path, and encounter a few creeping sludge pulls once more, remember to exercise caution once you find these in your way.

The next boss is Celebras the Cursed.

Celebras has 3 non-elite treants and during the fight he will be summoning more if you allow him to, but you can counterspell, stun, interrupt his attempts! Focus on killing Celebras first, and then take out the Treants with AoE, otherwise the fight will get hectic fast. Once you kill him, you will see Celebras the Redeemed spawn. Talk to him and watch him forge your Scepter of Celebras, completing your quest and allowing you to skip to past Celebras in your next Maraudon runs.

Jump down the waterfalls and you will be in Earthsong Falls, full of Hydras and Diemetradons. These enemies are considerably harder and will be most of the fodder between you and Princess Theradras, along with rock elemental patrols.

If you want to kill Tinkerer Gizlock for his loot (namely caster weapon), head north on your map down a cave with Snakes called "Deep Borer", AoE the Snakes down and head down the tunnel until you find Tinkerer Gizlock, a goblin. He's not that big of a deal, he'll attempt some AoEs, do normal tank&spank and you should be done with him.

There's yet another optional boss you can tackle called Landslide.

Heading south and going into the giants area you will see Primordial Behemoths in your way. If you want to kill Landslide, head down the green path on your map. The last pull can be tricky with it being 2 Giants at the same time, so have someone offtank the second one enough so it doesn't go haywire on your healers and casters!

Landslide himself has a lot of HP and 2 abilities: he will knock back his highest threat target, namely your tank, so have your tank have his back against a wall when fighting him. He also has a stomp that will stun everyone for 5 seconds, so be wary and keep your tank topped off as much as you can.

Once you're done with Landslide, head back down to the yellow path to get to Princess Theradras.

Princess Theradras herself has a few moves; first, she will AoE waves around her every 20 seconds or so knocking anyone in melee range of her back and damaging them. She will also randomly fear people, and finally, she also throws rocks randomly to hurt ranged attackers.

Keep the fight slow and steady, she has quite a bit of HP and it's a test of endurance. Casters should avoid being near her enough to be damaged by her AoE, and watch for themselves if they get hit by rocks. Melee need to watch out and bandage or pull out if they're being hurt badly. Slow and steady wins the race.

Having killed Princess Theradras, you have one final optional boss near you - Rotgrip! he's a giant gator swimming in the pool near the Princess. You can have your warlock use underwater breathing if you want to, otherwise, pull him up and tank&spank him - he's not a challenge and can drop cool caster items sometimes!

Congratulations on beating Maraudon!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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