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Section 1- General

1.1 - General Group makeup and tactics
1.2 - Map of the Molten Core

Section 2 - The Bosses

2.1 - Boss 1- Lucifron
2.2 - Boss 2- Magmadar
2.3 - Boss 3- Gehennas
2.5 - Boss 4- Garr
2.4 - Boss 5- Baron Geddon
2.6 - Boss 6- Shazzrah
2.7 - Boss 7 - Golemagg
2.8 - Boss 7 - Sulfuron Harbinger
2.9 - Boss 9 - Majordomo
2.10 - Boss 10 - Ragnaros

Section 3 - Links to other guides

3.1 - Links to other guides

Group makeup

Group makeup is very important in the Molten Core. There are several things to consider for each of the subgroups as well as a plan for the overall layout of the raid.

You should have three dedicated tanking groups of 5 players. These groups should consist of a warrior and at least 2 healers and the remaining spots being filled by ranged DPS (hunters, mages, warlocks) so that the healers are not distracted from the tank. One of these groups is the main tank group (and may need an additional healer) and the other two are the alt-tanking groups.

It is advisable to have at least 16 healers (Priests, Druids, Paladins and Shamans) in a 40 person raid on Molten Core. This will allow each group to be fairly self-sufficient. In the event of a shortage of healers, the main tank group should keep their two and have the other groups that have only one healer, fill out the group with ranged classes as they will take less damage than combat classes.

Decursers are also important in the Molten Core. It is a good idea to have one per group. Druids can fill the roll of decurser and healer, and can fill in for both roles.

Rogues, usually take a lot of damage in fights so they should not be put in a main or alternate tank group. Having the healers be able to focus on the main tanks is a priority, and rogues will usually eat up the healers mana with all the damage they take.

General Tactics

Aside from the tactics for each boss, the most important tactics to use are communication, information and consensus. It is critical to a raids success that these issues be worked out before hand and not argued about in the raid. Everyone needs to be on the same page and has to work together to successfully beat the Molten Core.


During the fighting this should be between as few members as possible. Many successful guilds use ventrilo or teamspeak, but this does not mean everyone can speak at once. Nominate one member from each group and have them be the speaker for their group.


Many people have their own ideas about how to run each boss and the tactics that can be used. It is best to decide before hand what tactics will be used. Either direct them to a site with tactics already developed, like this one, or have your own tactics clearly spelled out before the raid. There is more than one way to defeat each boss in the Molten Core, so it is best to figure out who's doing what before the fight starts instead of at the spirit healer. In the Molten Core there will be wipes and repair bills get VERY expensive, so it is in everyone's best interest to limit them to a minimum.


Everyone should agree to the tactics before hand, what system to use for loot and just how far or how much time they are willing to put in to the raid. These are usually issues that do come up at some point. It is a good idea to clear them up before hand instead of after they become big issues. World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer game after all, so co-operation is a key to successful completion of the hard instances.

Have comments or suggestions? Thought of something that has been missed? Found another tactic that can be used? Found an error? We would love to hear from you! Please post in our Molten Core forum, or email us at [email protected].

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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