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game that involves playing with other people has
its own rules and standards of etiquette and MechWarrior Online is no
to this rule. Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious what
these unspoken rules
are and that can cause some clear confusion, especially when some
goes off and verbally berates you for violating these. Fortunately for
we’ve taken some time to gather all the etiquette tips you
could hope for in
one location. Obviously, these relate mostly to PUGs (pick up groups),
everyone could learn a thing or two from them so let’s get


we get into tips that are specific to MechWarrior
Online, let’s go over some clear rules of player etiquette
that apply to all


Do not be an ass

  • This is easily the most
    useful and rarely adhered to rule
    in the list. It’s a simple fact of life that everyone has the
    occasional bad
    day. Hell, I’ll even give you the benefit of the doubt and
    say that you have a horrifically
    stressful job and often have bad days. Even so, I have a news flash for
    you –
    no one wants to be around someone that is a total asshat. If
    you’re having a
    bad day, shut up and take it like a man (or woman) and don’t
    take it out on
    everyone else.


We were all noobs
at some point

  • You’d think I
    wouldn’t need to bring this one up, but
    just like the tip above, this one is also continually forgotten.
    “ZOMG! If
    someone asks how to turn on night vision one more time, I’m
    going to lose it!”
    Well guess what? The game gives players ZERO indication how to do that
    with a bunch of other things. Hell, most players don’t even
    know the option
    even exists until they’re in spectator mode and see someone
    else switch vision
    modes. The game could be out for months and you’ll still get
    the same questions
    because new players will always be joining the rest of us. Get used to
    Either answer politely, or do everyone a favor and simply remain silent.


of the above tips really boil down to one thing –
you don’t want to scare off new players with toxic community
behavior. Take a
few seconds to give someone a quick, clear, and simple answer when
are asked. If you’re not in the mood to help anyone out,
great. Just don’t
shoot your mouth off instead. Everyone will thank you for it.


two general rules cover every game on the planet.
They’re basic rules of conduct and should become part of your
psyche if they're not already. Learn them,
love them, live by them. It’s as simple as that. Other rules
of MechWarrior
Online etiquette may not be quite as clear,
so let’s go over them now.


Do not be the boss

  • Now when I say
    don’t hop in and become the boss of a PUG,
    I don’t mean don’t give advice during the match, or
    spit out a quick suggested
    plan of attack, or some verbal form of coordination. Hell, I encourage
    you to do
    so! What I mean is don’t be that bossy player that demands
    everything be done
    exactly as they say and flip out when it’s not. Keep in mind
    that while you may
    be a person that plays a number of hours each day, most PUG players are
    hopping in for a few matches here and there throughout the week.
    They’re just
    there to have some fun and blow shit up. Don’t berate them into
    quitting because they
    have other ideas about what they want to do.


Help coordinate
attacks in spectator mode

  • It may seem odd, especially
    since it’s rarely seen, but
    PUG teams could benefit a great deal from it. If you’re taken
    out of the match
    early, start swapping between teammate view screens and start calling
    people to
    different map sections to assist their fellow players. As an example, advise teammates
    which members are being harassed by fast light mechs. Two light mechs
    can make
    life hell for a heavy mech. The addition of another teammate from
    outside the
    circle of gnat-death those light mechs have created can mean a world of

Don’t be afraid to
speak up

  • If there’s
    something you’re not sure about, or if you
    have an idea for an attack plan, speak up! Too many times, a PUG will
    hit a
    map, split into 1, 2, or 3 groups and then just go wandering into the
    path of
    destruction laid out by a coordinated team of opponents. Take a minute
    to pipe
    up and spit out an attack plan. Even if it falls apart, at least there
    was some
    semblance of trying. I hate feeling like my team is just running out
    into the
    field like lambs to slaughter.


When in an Assault
game, do not rush to the enemy base

  • I see it all the time, and
    it drives me a little crazy.
    If a match is just starting, your team needs you spotting, doing
    damage, and
    providing another body in the field of battle. If you’re team
    is up, or all the
    other mechs are otherwise occupied, then feel free to go for the
    capture. The
    problem is that capturing a base takes so long, that unless
    there’s a concerted
    effort by the team to do it, having one mech off the battlefield hurts more than the attempt at a capture helps.


Friendly fire is
not friendly

  • I realize that things can
    get hectic in combat, but pay
    attention to your map and be aware of your teammate’s
    locations. Not only is
    damaging your teammates a horrible idea if you want to have any chance
    in hell
    of winning, but you will also be penalized by the game for doing so. So


are just a few of the biggest tips you should be
aware of when playing MechWarrior Online. If you have some of your own,
free to share them in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016