Learn all about the Arena of Annihilation Scenario in Mists of Pandaria right here, including how to earn all the achievements found in it.

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This scenario takes place in the Temple of the White Tiger in the Kun-Lai Summit. The Arena of Annihilation follows right along with the Ring of Blood quest line from all the previous expansions and is hosted by Gurgthock and Wodin. From all the way back in Nagrand the pair of pit fight organizers have made their way to Pandaria and are now organizing fights for the Tiger Monks in the temple.

The scenario is made up of five separate stages that each start when you are ready and ring the bell to start the next round of the fight.

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Stage 1: Defeat Scar-shell

The first round of the arena fight is against the mighty dragon turtle Scar-shell. This round is a simple fight with only two main mechanics. The first is a bite that reduces your armor by 50%, the second is a spin move that he uses to move around the room quickly damaging everything in his path. When Scar-shell is done spinning around he stops for a short period of time and takes extra damage for a short while.

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This should remind players of a WotLK raid fight.

Stage 2: Defeat Jol'grum

The second fight is against a very large and nasty yeti that has a few really nasty abilities if you are hit by them. Jol'grum can deal a headbut that knocks you back as well as dealing damage over time. He can also do a slam from the center of the room that throws all players back to the wall or the arena. Lastly Jol'grum builds up energy over time and when ever it reaches 100 energy he gains a speed buff and is able to attack much faster for a short period of time.

The fight is not that hard as long as you stay away when Jol'grum gains his attack speed boost.

Stage 3: Little Liuyang

The third fight is against what at first appears to be a cute little fire elemental. He isn't so cute though, as he wants to play with fire with you. Despite being able to put out a lot of damage, the damage is fairly easy to avoid.

Little Liuyang has 3 different fire based abilities. His main ability is fireball which he will cast constantly, however it can be interrupted. Next up he casts a spell called flame line that will create a line of fire out from him to the wall in the direction he is facing. Lastly he can summon three flame walls that rotate around the room being pulled along by three flame spirits. To stop the fire walls and return to dealing with Little Liuyang kill the flame spirits. A note of caution, while the flame wall is active 50% of any damage you do to Little Liuyang is reflected back at you, so focus on the flame spirits and not Liuyang.

Stage 4: Chagan Firehoof

The fourth fight in the arena is against Chagan Firehoof who is joined in the fight by his huge yak, Batu. While Batu is a part of the fight, simply ignore him as much as possible as he will de-spawn once Chagan has been defeated. Chagan has two main abilities to contend with. His first ability is a slam with his hammer that deals damage to anyone in the area, it is appropriately called Hammer Time. His second ability is called Trailblaze which sends lines of fire out from him. These flame lines remain in play for a period of time and deal damage to anyone that stands in them.

Stage 5: Final Fight

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Defeat the final boss and become champion of the Arena.

The last fight is against one of three bosses, which one you have to fight is randomly chosen each time you enter the arena. The possible bosses are Maki Waterblade, Satay Byu, or Cloudbender Kobo.

Maki Waterblade is a Saurok that randomly focuses a player to focus his attacks on. While attacking that player he does a cleave attack that hits everyone in front. His second main attack is to leap to the center of the room and summon water that pushes all players towards him while he does a whirlwind attack. You will need to keep moving away from him until this phase ends and he returns to chasing random players.

Satay Byu is a Jinyu that stacks slowing poison on players and has a throwing attack that can hit anyone that is too far from him to melee. The poison however is the biggest part of the fight as it can stack to the point that you are rooted, and then he will sit at range dealing damage and unless you are a ranged DPS player you will not be able to do anything back.

Cloudbender Kobo is a Hozen monk that you must deal with through two phases. In the first phase he will summon tornados that need to be avoided, while jumping to attack random players with his flying serpent kick and then his AOE cyclone kick hitting anyone nearby. After a while he Cloudbender Kobo will start his second phase by leaping onto a cloud and circling the room striking out with lighting at players and the ground leaving AOE damage zones. A short while later he reverts to phase one and you can start DPSing him again.

Arena of Annihilation – Scenario Achievements

There are 3 different achievements that can be earned in this scenario.

Arena of Annihilation – Complete the Arena of Annihilation scenario.

This achievement is earned by simply finishing the scenario.

Beat the Heat – Defeat Little Liuyang without anyone taking damage from a flame wall in the Arena of Annihilation scenario.

Don't stand in the fire!!! Seems simple enough, doesn't it, however WoW has proven time and again that some people just never learn. To earn this achievement make sure everyone in the group avoids the flame walls that the third boss, Little Liuyang, summons.

In the Eye of the Tiger – Defeat all of the possible final bosses in the Arena of Annihilation scenario.

There are three possible final bosses in this scenario as outline above. This achievement is earned by completing the scenario enough times that you face all three possible bosses. That could be done in three attempts, or thirty, it all depends on your luck as to which boss spawns each time.

Comments and other ways to earn the achievements

Listed above are our tips on earning the achievements in this scenario, there are many other ways to do them as well. Why don't you share your methods in our comment section below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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