The Cooking profession has always been a useful profession. All one has to is throw together and few ingredients to create yummy dishes that will feed the masses in World of Warcraft as well as, restoring health and providing all kinds of delicious buffs. Keeping with this theme of usefulness, three new recipes were released in Patch 5.4 that are sure to delight player chefs: Noodle Cart Kit, Deluxe Noodle Cart Kit, and Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart Kit. Believe me when I say, you don't want to miss out on these. Learn more about the Noodle Cart Kits and how to get them below!

Noodle Cart Kit Overview

Noodle Cart Kits are a brand new Cooking recipe found in Patch 5.4. When used, the player will temporarily turn into a vendor that sells...noodles. Anyone in your faction (not just group members like many other similar items) can purchase up to 5 Noodle Soups. The best part of Noodle Soup? It sells for the low, low cost of absolutely free!

More on the entertainment side of things is the player's ability to complete several emotes while the Noodle Cart is active. The player will be able to cook, dance, or even advertise your special soup. Most chefs will agree that for the cost, Noodle Carts are a lot nicer than the old banquets and much more entertaining. Earning these recipes will be no small task and will take you from the Timeless Isle, into several dungeons, and into a brand spanking new Cooking scenario. Players wishing to start this quest chain should first meet the following requirements:

  • 600 Cooking Skill
  • Completed the first part of each "Way of Cooking" quest at Halfhill

Quest Chain Walkthrough

Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten

The quest for the Noodle Soup recipe begins on the Timeless Isle. Northeast of Mossgreen Lake lies a broken sign tablet, among the rubble of the broken bridge. The tablet will give you the quest "Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten" that will send you in search of a mysterious someone by the name of Lin.

Lin, as befits the beginning quest in a chain, is rather easy to find. She dwells in the village of Old Pi'jiu in the southwestern part of the Timeless Isle. Upon finding her and speaking to her, you will be granted the next quest in the chain.

The Lost Secret of the Secret Ingredient

The next quest in the Noodle Soup chain will require you to enter the Temple of the Jade Serpent instance. The Temple of the Jade Serpent is a 5-man instance found in the eastern portion of the Jade Forest zone. Here you will need to defeat the imposing Sha of Doubt, the final boss in this instance.

This task can be done in either normal or heroic mode, but be sure to stick around directly after the boss is defeated because you aren't quite done here yet. After defeating the Sha, you will find a small scroll on the left side of the wall where you will need to turn in the quest. The scroll will reveal a character in the text that means "recipe". However, you also learn the scroll has been corrupted and will need to be cleansed.

Bad Feeling, Worse Result

Cleansing the scroll will take place in the same room you defeated the Sha of Doubt. Once you have read the scroll, the Ghost of Lin Da-Gu will appear with a feisty yell. Lin is an elite Pandarian ghost with roughly 7,878,00 hit points and a arsenal of abilities including:

  • Summons three sets of whirling Bowls that hit for physical damage.
  • Throws noodles on the ground that slow movement speed.
  • Throws four Dash of Spices that creates a patch of flame on the floor.
  • A long distance breath attack called Boiling Broth.

Secrets Lost, Forever?

After defeating the ghost of Lin, you can pick up the recipe. Of course things don't end here, you can't actually read it. From here you should head to Halfhill Market to find someone (Sungshin Ironpaw) who can hopefully help you decipher it. Halfhill Market can be found on the south side of Halfhill, in the Valley of the Four Winds.

Catch and Carry

Upon meeting with Sungshin Ironpaw, you will be tasked with the chore of going to the Imperial Granary to catch yourself 20 sacks of grain to create the noodles for the soup. The granary can be found south of Halfhill and is pretty easy to spot and the mini-game of catching the grain needed for the noodles is simple and fun. The reward for completing this quest is the Noodle Cart Kit.

Is That A Real Measurement?

After collecting the grain at the Imperial Granary you will be put to your next task which, of course, is to make a Noodle Cart. To create the first Noodle Cart you will need the following ingredients:

  • 5 Charbroiled Tiger Steak
  • 5 Sauteed Carrots
  • 5 Swirling Mist Soup
  • 5 Shrimp Dumplings
  • 5 Wildfowl Roast
  • 5 Ginseng Tea

Along with creating a Noodle Cart, this quest also asks you to go into the Stormstout Brewery, where you will need to pick up 20 Sloshes of Brew from the alementals found near the end of the instance.

The Stormstout Brewery is a 5-man dungeon that is located in the southern portion of the Valley of the Four Winds. Once inside,you will find both large and small alementals, however, they will each only drop one slosh. This task may be completed on both normal and heroic difficulties. After you have collected all Sloshes of Brew and have your Noodle Cart, you can turn in the quest to earn yourself a Deluxe Noodle Cart Kit and open up the next leg of the quest chain.

These Aren't Your Fatty Goatsteaks

The next part of the chain of course first asks you to create you newly learned Deluxe Noodle Cart. To create a Deluxe Noodle Cart you will need the following ingredients:

  • 5 Eternal Blossom Fish
  • 5 Twin Fish Platter
  • 5 Braised Turtle
  • 5 Fire Spirit Salmon
  • 5 Valley Stir Fry
  • 5 Jade Witch Brew

The second part of this quest will send you back to the Timeless Isle where you will need to collect meat from the turtles found there. You will need to collect a total of 50 Fatty Turtle Steaks from any turtle on the island. Thankfully, the elites drop multiple steaks, meaning you can get this done pretty quickly. The steaks and the cart will need to be returned back to Halfhill for turn in.

The Secret Ingredient is...

This is the last quest in the chain and will introduce you to a brand new solo Cooking scenario where you will attempt to discover the all important secret ingredient. Inside the scenario you will be tasked with running the noodle stand at Halfhill. To do this you will need to seat and feed the customers that appear.

Customers may prefer certain types of soup and really hungry patrons will want two bowls instead of just one. Here is run down on which customers prefer which types of soup:

  • Young Trainees in blue robes prefer common cheap soup (first).
  • Merchants, dressed in dark robes, prefer soup with extra taste (second).
  • Farmers, dressed in red shirts and straw hats, prefer a meaty soup (third).

When a new customer arrives, you simply click on them, and then click on the table where you wish them to sit. They will wait a brief period for the food, however, if they are not fed in time they will storm out of the place. Special action buttons are in place to cook the various types of soups, then you can click on a soup and then a customer to serve them that type of soup.

After successfully completing the quest, you will receive the recipe for the Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart Kit and the opportunity to repeat the scenario as a daily quest to earn Ironpaw Tokens.

That wraps up the Noodle Cart quest chain. Do you have any helpful tips for completing this quest chain? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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