Tyra "The Untamed" (to give her her full title) is one of my most played Champions in Paladins. Although she's wrestling for a team space against the likes of Viktor, she's a competent Damage Champion. Not only is her damage from her Auto Rifle high, but it's also rapid and with less spread than Viktor. It lacks the accuracy he holds from range, but in close quarters or during mid ranged fire fights, it's formidable. 

If you also factor in that Tyra has access to a high burst skill in Frag Launcher, combined with her area denial from Fire Bomb and the spike potential of her Hunter's Mark, she can be a real threat. What limits Tyra in comparison to other Damage Champions is the fact she's massively reliant on positioning. Unlike Viktor or Cassie who both have "outs", Tyra doesn't. When someone gets up close and personal, it's a case of kill or be killed. Running away simply isn't an option. 

Unsurprisingly this can leave Tyra vulnerable to Flank Champions, but it can also mean that when Makoa or Fernando dive you, there's very little you can do to survive. That said, if you do position well, back away when possible and make constant use of your abilities you can do exceptionally well. 

Updated: 13 March 2017



Very rapid damage from her rifle 

No real means of escape

Hunter's Mark shows up the location of enemy Champions

Relatively harsh cooldowns

Great area denial thanks to her Fire Bomb

Poor at long distances - best close up, or mid-range.

Her Ultimate ability can comfortably wipe a handful of enemy players

Fire Bomb is fairly easy to avoid

Nade Launcher offers good single target burst

Nade Launcher is hard to use effectively



Auto Rifle (LMB) - On paper Auto Rifle seems similar to Viktor's basic attacks and yet the two are vastly different. Tyra's delivers rapid fire, with a very small spread. Although it lacks accuracy from afar, mid to short ranged distances allow Tyra to excel. With a minimum accuracy of 89%, you can spray and pray and still comfortably hit any target. 


Nade Launcher (RMB) - Pressing your Right Mouse Button will instantly launch a grenade directly ahead. There's a slight arc on the shot and a small AOE. You really can't afford to miss with Nade Launcher as its cooldown is long (9 seconds) and its damage too high to miss with. If you can, try to aim for Champions that are holding a Capture Point or one which is relatively hard to miss (Bomb King). 


Fire Bomb (Q) - Part of the reason why Tyra remains viable, Fire Bomb is a generous AOE skill that blanket covers an area in fire. All those who remain in it take high damage (based on a percentage of their maximum health) while they also suffer reduced healing. If you can, always aim to use this in close quarter areas or when the enemy team are on a Control Point. At the very least it will zone them out and buy your team time. The 50% healing reduction is invaluable, while the bomb also reapplies its effect. 


Hunter's Mark (F) - Providing Tyra with sight on any enemy player tagged by Hunter's Mark, it also bolsters her basic attack damage against them by 15%, bringing your Auto Rifle damage to 138 per shot. If you also factor in the damage on head shots, Hunter's Mark soon makes your output significant. The fact you can also keep a close eye on Champions such as Skye, even if she attempts to stealth, makes Tyra frustrating to deal with. 


Crossfire (E) - The ultimate spray and pray, Crossfire infinite ammo for 4.5 seconds and allows Tyra to move 40% quicker, with 40% faster attack speed. It's an enormous boost and if you combine it with Hunter's Mark, allows you to chew down an enemy player at frightening speed. Try to use it when you can kill multiple enemies and if possible, position yourself where they aren't expecting you.

Legendary Card

I don't think any of Tyra's legendary cards are amazing, but for a group-wide bonus, Hunting Party seems the strongest especially against Champions such as Inara that are tough to bring down.


I've toyed with Tyra's loadout for some time and I have to admit, I think many of her cards are lacklustre. Considering the speed multipliers on her cards don't actually work together, the majority seem redundant. Despite that, I've had good success with the below. 

Item Shop 

I would strongly recommend you purchase items from Attack and Utility with no real requirement as Tyra to invest in other areas. She relies massively on her basic attack from her rifle and when she can, her abilities. Strong positoning can do most of the heavy lifting for her with these two items alone. 

Please note where multiple options are presented below, the choice remains your own based on the composition you're facing. 

Attack (1st*)

Deft Hands: As a ranged Champion you absolutely need Deft Hands. Gaining up to 60% quicker reload speed is fundamental to Tyra's playstyle. Taking Deft Hands to at least stage two, before picking up Chronos, is your best bet. 

Utility (2nd)

Chronos: Tyra relies heavily on cooldowns, not just for her Nade Launcher and Fire Bomb, but also for her Hunter's Mark. Having these available as often as possible significantly helps her damage output. 

*Purchase order


These Champion threat Levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy Champions can cause you difficulty. For Champions listed here, take extra care as they're particularly dangerous for Tyra. 



Androxus: His ability to block your attacks, combined with his mobility and sheer burst (600 per shot!) 


Buck: Simply because of his healing, health and short-ranged damage, Buck will cut you down quickly if he gets close.


Cassie: Her ranged attacks, combined with her knockback and mobility make Cassie a nightmare to deal with. If she's at maximum distance, you'll struggle to kill her. 


Maeve: Ridiculous amounts of mobility combined with huge damage from her daggers can cut Tyra down near instantly. 


Makoa: If he charges towards you with his Ultimate or uses Shell Spin, you can't escape and he'll cut you down quickly.  9/10
Torvald: Purely on the basis that he can withstand a lot of your punishment, if he actually gets close to you, you're dead.  8/10

Tips and Tricks

This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Tyra play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Don't waste your Hunter's Mark. Use it on a Champion you can deal sustained damage to. 

2. Using Fire Bomb in a large open space is pointless - players will simply move out of it. Keep it for an enclosed area.

3. If Skye is on the enemy team, be sure to use Hunter's Mark on her the moment you see her. You can comfortably hunt her down then. 

4. Tyra takes damage from Fire Bomb and Nade Launcher if she uses them too close to herself. Try to move backwards or avoid casting them at your feet. 

5. I'd recommend going to the Practice Range as Tyra to move and shoot with Nade Launcher. Ensuring you don't miss your shots is key to her damage output. 

6. If an enemy player is on you (such as Makoa) drop your Fire bomb near yourself, and run through it quickly. Anyone following you will take much higher damage than yourself. 

7. Crossfire is amazing for clearing or a room or wiping an enemy team who are low health. Aim low to take account for the kick back on your rifle and try to flank to take enemies by surprise. 

8. Firing at enemies from far away as Tyra is very difficult as your rifle simply isn't up to the job. Change positions, use flank routes and get closer for better accuracy. 

9. Tyra can usually gun most Champions down quickly if they're at medium range. Don't be afraid to challenge the likes of Viktor or Sha Lin one on one. 

10. The biggest thing to worry about as Tyra is simply being out of position. If any enemy gets up close and personal, you'll often struggle to escape. Be sure to read the flow of a fight and stay back. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2017

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