Lurking in the darkness and blending with the Shadows is the deadly Rogue class. These master assassins live and breathe for the kill. With no qualms about honor or morals, these mercenaries are brutal and totally and utterly ruthless. They would happily kill their own family...for the right price.

Unlike other classes in the game, Rogues rely on subterfuge to take out their foes. Patient and cunning, the Rogue will use a variety of traps and other maneuvers to set up their target and put themselves in the perfect position to strike. Rogues are the silent figures crossing pitch black fields, the whisper of breeze you feel on the back of your next, and the silent bringing of death lurking in the shadows.

Current Expansion: Warlords of Draenor

Choosing the Rogue

The Rogue is not for those players who want to spend time at the front line of battles. While Rogues are a melee class, they typically prefer to attack enemies from behind. Rogues are not a totally “squishy” class, however, they are not made to take to many hits. They are also unable to heal, unless making use of bandages. With that being said, Rogues are not helpless.

Besides being able to do mega amounts of damage, Rogues also have plenty of utility. They have plenty of abilities to take them out of danger, including detecting traps and sprint. Unsurprisingly, the biggest advantage the Rogue has is their uncanny ability to stealth. Rogues are best suited for players who like to use this sneaky ability to surprise enemies.

While Rogues are often the subject of suspicion, most races see the value of their skills. Race options for the Rogue include: Dwarf, Human, Worgen, Goblin, Troll, Pandaren, Gnome, Night Elf, Blood Elf, Orc, and Undead.

Rogue Core Abilities

Every Rogue comes with a core set of abilities that are common to every single member of the class. These abilities are often distinctive and tend to define what we think of when we think “Rogue”. Examples of these abilities include: Pick Pocket, Pick Lock, Stealth, and Cheap Shot.

In the armor department, Rogues prefer leather gear. This type of gear is perfect for this stealthy class who can't afford to clank or jingle when they move. It also provides more protection than cloth, making the Rogue slightly less squishy than Mages, Priests, or Warlocks.

While Rogues are masters of melee combat, they can only use five types of melee weapons. These weapons include: Fist Weapons, Daggers, One-Handed Maces, One-Handed Swords, and One-Handed Axes. Rogues are also able to use Bows and Crossbows, although it is rare to see this class wield these particular weapons.

Rogue Resources

Rogues rely on a resource known as Energy. This appears as a yellow bar below the Rogue's character portrait. This resource starts out totally full and then goes down as the player uses abilities. Energy replenishes itself over time. It can not be replenished with food or water like other resources in the game.

Also used by Rogues are combo points. This is a secondary resource unique to the Rogue and Cat Druid. Combo points are earned when certain attacks are used against an enemy. The number of combo points the player has obtained are represented by small circles on the enemy portrait. Targets can have a total of 5 combo points. Once built up, combo points can then be spent on other special attacks. The more combo points, the more potent the special attack.

Rogue Specializations

As the Rogue levels they will eventually be prompted to choose from one of three separate specializations; Assassination, Combat, or Subtlety. Each of these specializations will take the Rogue down a totally different path, offering up unique skills along the way. Assassination Rogues use a mastery of poisons who takes out enemies with ferocious dagger strikes. Combat Rogues use their superior agility to take on enemies almost head on. While Subtlety Rogues keep to the shadows, leaping out to ambush their unsuspecting victims.

Each specialization will give the player a totally different play experience. Players can feel free and confident in picking whichever specialization fits their play style. Every Rogue spec is currently viable in game. The Rogue, with their massive damage output is always welcome in any group.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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