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Mage Talents

Each class in World of Warcraft
has access to three distinct Talent Trees. Here players will have the
chance (starting at level 10) to place talent points that are earned as
they level into various class-specific abilities known as talents. At
one time picking
talents could be difficult and daunting task, but
thanks to a few changes in Patch 4.0.1, picking talents has become less
of a headache.

Each talent tree will provide
the player with distinct play experience and you should choose the one
that appeals to you the most, even if it is a little off the beaten
path. Once a player has decided on a talent tree and placed their first
point in it they must place all future points into that talent tree
until they have placed 31 talent points. After this number has been
reached, the player may place their
points into any talent tree they

For Mages these talent trees
are; Arcane, Fire, and Frost. Learn more about these talent trees and
the must-have talents in each below:

Arcane Mage Talents

Blizzard describes the Arcane

arcane energies, playing with the very fabric of time and

Warlocks who choose the Arcane
tree will find their Arcane talents boosted, as well as many of the
other spells from the other trees, making this talent tree unique. Also
found in this tree are many utility spells that will help the mage in
heated battle situations and while participating in player versus
player events.

Once the Arcane tree has been
opened the spell Arcane Barrage will become
available to the Mage.
Talents that are must haves within this tree include: Arcane
Concentration, Netherwind Presence, Torment the Weak, Arcane Power,
Improved Mana Gem, Arcane Potency, Missile Barrage, Presence of Mind,
Arcane Flows, and Improved Arcane Missiles. If you are going the PvE
route, be sure to skip over purely PvP talents such as Counterspell.

There are not many talents in
the other trees the Arcane mage should be concerned
with but you may
want to pick up Piercing Ice, Master of Elements, and Burning Soul as
they can be greatly beneficial.

Fire Mage Talents

Blizzard describes the Fire

enemies with balls of fire and the breath of dragons.”

Mages who choose the Fire tree
will become powerhouses with their Fire spells boosted beyond their
wildest dreams. Providing massive amounts of burst damage this tree is
great for Mages who want to do damage in a hurry. This tree also is
filled with talents that will keep the Mage alive in a pinch.

Once you choose the Fire tree
the spell Pyroblast will be unlocked. This spell is a slow casting
heavy hitter. Talents that are must haves inside this tree are but not
limited to: Burning Soul, Fire Power, Hot Streak, Firestarter, Critical
Mass, and Cauterize. Skip over talents such as Molten Shields that may
be tempting, but are pretty useless.

Options from other trees
include Netherwind Presence from the Arcane tree and Piercing Ice from
the Frost tree.

Frost Mage Talents

Blizzard describes the Frost

enemies in their tracks and shatters them with Frost magic.”

Mages that choose the Frost
tree will see all their Frost spells boosted. From this tree they will
also gain a ton of powerful snares that will hinder an enemies
progress. It can be argued that some of
the DPS from this tree is
sacrificed for those snares, however, when those snares save the
Mages’ life they will be thankful either way.

Once the Frost tree has been
selected the Summon Water Elemental spell becomes available. This
companion should be kept active at all times for increased DPS. When
speccing into this tree you will find that you want to dump most of
your talent points into it. Skip over talents such as Permafrost and
Shattered Barrier that may seem useful but won’t be in the
long run.

Possible talents to take from
other trees include: Netherwind Presence from the Arcane tree and
Master of Elements, Burning Soul, and Ignite from the Fire tree.

Remember, the above listings
are only suggestions based on tried and true methods, how you
ultimately choose to spec is entirely up to you. Check out Blizzard's href=""
target="_blank">Talent Calculator
to experiment with your talent points.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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