Setup Costs: $40,000

Reward: $505,000

Some familiar friends from the single player campaign will be joining your crew for this heist. Trevor has made the mistake of selling some drugs that he doesn’t have and looks to your crew to get them for him. There are five parts to this heist, which require a total of 4 players to complete.

This heist is a little different in that there is no real “finale” to complete. Instead the individual missions make up the entire heist.


The job here is to steal some coke off of a high end yacht idling off the cost. To pull of the job you’ll need to split into two teams of two, a boat team and a chopper team. Have each team head to their respective vehicles and get ready to move.

The boat team should now start heading for the rear of the boat while the chopper team provides cover and snips any enemies visible on the deck. A good spot for the chopper team to do this from is the nearby dock where they can park and both get out to shoot.

The boat team will then have to fight their way through the interior of the boat all the way to the front where the drugs are located. There is some intense fighting inside, so make sure you’re outfitted before heading in. Meanwhile the chopper team should be holding off the cops that have started streaming in after the action started.

After you’ve got the drugs in hand, head back to your boat and have everyone get into the frogger. All you have to do then is lose your wanted level and arrive safely at the drop off location.

Trash Truck

The Vagos gang has been using trash drop offs to transport their Molly. You’re team is going to intercept it by pretending to be garbage men and inconspicuously pick it up. To complete the job you’ll need to split into two teams, the collectors and the operators. Operators will be driving the truck while the collectors hang off the back.

Note: A ten-minute timer starts as soon as you pick up the first bag so be ready to kick it into high gear.

Before you can start the mission you’ll have to get your hands on the truck so head to the marked point, kill the innocent garbage men and take their ride. Now it’s just a matter of driving to the marked spots on the map, stopping and having the collectors pick up the bags.

Of course it’s not that easy though, because the second bag you come two will start a wave of Vagos goons coming after you. Your best bet is to ignore any enemies you don’t actually have to kill and focus on getting to the next bag drop while remembering to pick up all the bags at each one (some stops have multiple bags).

The last two stops can get pretty hairy with a lot of Vagos showing up in vehicles. Back the truck up as close as possible to the drug bags so that the collectors can load as quickly as possible. Operators should provide cover fire if necessary, but be ready to go as soon as the collecting is done.

After the final pickup you will need to make it back to the drop off in one piece. Once you do the mission is completed and you’re on to the next!


This stealth centric mission has no teams to make, instead everyone must work as one team to sneak into a biker hideout and steal two vans full of medication.

Your first stop is Trevors hideout where he has kindly hidden some silenced weapons for you to use. After that, head to the nearby dinghy and hop in.

After arriving at the camp it is very important to stay stealthy. If anyone is alerted by noise, seeing one of your team, or spotting a dead body, the mission will be a fail. If there are multiple enemies grouped up, coordinate with your team to take them out simultaneously.

When everyone in the camp is dead, make your way to the vans location marked on your map. Jump in and hit the gas because as soon as you do you will be swarmed with angry bikers. Make it back to the warehouse in one piece to complete the mission.


It takes two teams to steal the weed from the sawmill. The ground team will be infiltrating the mill and collecting the goods while the lookout team gives them cover from the nearby woods.

As the ground team makes its way to the center of the mill where the trucks holding the weed are located, the lookouts should be sniping any red dots they see. When both ground team members make it to the center and each jump in a truck, the lookout team should make it’s way to the mill entrance to get in the technical parked there.

The drive back to the hideout is a long dangerous one so form a convoy with the technical taking the lead. It’s their job to deal with any Balla’s that attack, and any roadblocks you come across.

Make it back to the drop location to complete the mission.

Steal Meth

No teams for this job that tasks you with stealing a tanker full of meth ingredients from those pesky O‘Neil brothers.

Head to the O’Neil’s farm and clear out any and all enemies you can see before proceeding to the transport cab parked in the back. After you’ve got it, drive it to the trailers location and carefully back up to it to hook them up, but make sure the rest of the team is ready to go in other vehicles. As soon as the trailer is attached, a timer will start indicating the amount of time you have left to get back to the gas station.

During the trip back you will be assaulted constantly by more O’Neil brothers, so have the other players protect the truck to avoid it taking a fatal amount of damage.

Park the truck and you’re done!

Series A Funding Finale

Apparently all those drugs you stole didn’t go unnoticed and now all of the gangs are converging on Trevor to get their product back. It will take two teams to pull this off, Lookout North and Lookout South.

After driving to the warehouse, position yourself so you have two players at each of the building’s two big doors. Shortly after the place will begin swarming with gang members pulling up in cars. Deal with them using your heavy weapons and explosives.

After they’ve been dealt with it’s time to hit the road, so have two players hop in the technical while the other two get in the trucks. Both trucks have a damage meter that will fail the mission if it is exceeded, and there is a timer that you must reach the location by but not to worry. If you’re man on the technical does his job right, the swarming enemy gang members should be taken care off before they can do much damage. There will also be choppers that do a ton of damage so focus fire on them whenever they show up.

If you’ve managed to make it to the lighthouse in one piece, congratulations you’ve completed the heist and can collect your reward!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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