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Serpentshrine Cavern

Serpentshrine Cavern is the 25 man raid area located in the Coilfang Reservoir. It is home to 6 raid bosses including Lady Vashj. Due to the design of the zone it is possible to down the bosses in almost any order. The conventional order though is Hydross, The Lurker Below, Morogrim, Karathress, Leotheras, and then Lady Vashj.

Bosses in Serpentshrine Cavern drop tokens for raid tier 5 items. Depending on the token it is redeemable for the tier 5 gloves, legs and helm.


Trash MOBs

All the trash MOBs in Serpentshrine Cavern are on a 2 hour timer to the point of the next boss. Once you kill the boss near where the trash spawns, you will not need to deal with it again until the raid resets.

The first groups you come to are groups of Sporebats, Hate-Screamers and Beast-Tamers. The Hate-Screamers are immune to CC, have a huge AoE silence that lasts for 4 seconds and a random target arcane blast that can hit for up to 5,000 damage. The Beast-Tamers have a very nasty cleave that hits everyone in the front arc and can cause the sporebats to enrage making them immune to CC. This makes it a priority to tank the screamers away from the casters, and to kill the beast-tamers first.

Between the early packs of sporebats, screamers and tamers you will find giant Underbog Colosussus's. These are much like Core Hounds from MC in that they have semi random abilities. You can use detect magic on them to find out which set of abilities they have. You also need to be cautious when they die as many times they have death abilities such as dropping a toxic pool, summoning adds, or other effects.

The second type of groups you come to are found on the platforms over the strange pool and start on the bridge just after Hydross. They are made up of a Vashj'ir Honor Guard, Shatterer's, Priestesses, and Technicians. The first priority to take down are the shatterers, which can shatter your armor, reducing your armor by 50%, they would be best to be dealt with last, but they are immune to CC. The Honor guard can enrage and has intimidating shout and are dealt with next. The priestesses can be cc'ed and have heal and holy fire abilities. The technicians can be crowd controlled, but can also be DPS'ed down insanely fast by a rogue, mage, or even AoE'ed.

Some of the most annoying trash mobs in the instance are the Coilfang Frenzy fish, which infest the water. They spawn whenever you enter the water and despawn when you leave it. They are especially nasty around the Strange Pool, where you find the Lurker Below. To deal with them you must kill the groups of MOBs found on the platforms around the pool. Once all are dead, the Strange Pool will boil killing all the fish in the water. Once they are dead, instead of being attacked when in the water you will suffer a scalding water debuff that causes roughly 500 damage every 3 seconds.

The third type of group that you reach are reached just before Morogrims room. The packs are made up of Tidecallers, Serpentguard, Skulkers and Nether-Mages. The Tidecallers have a very nasty poison shield and as soon as they put it up damage needs to stop on them, have a chain lightning / silence attack, and drop totems that summon water elementals. Needless to say the totems need to be killed FAST, luckily they only have about 5,000 health. The serpentguard are not CC'able, but do not hit all that hard. They have a spell refect shield, cleave everyone in their front arc and an aura that reduces armor nearby players by 25%. The nether-mages can be one of three types arcane, fire or frost. All three types have an two AoE type spells and a spell buff that can be stolen.

Suggested Group

Several of the bosses in Serpentshrine Cavern have specific group requirements and as you move through you may need to tool the raids composition to get past them. Once you are able to defeat a boss, you can try going back to a more standard group.

The generic group makup for the 25 man raid is as follows:

  • 4x Tanks
  • 9x Healers
  • 12x DPS

The breakdown for each type of player is as follows:

  • 1- Warrior
  • 1- Paladin
  • 1- Druid
  • 1- Any of the above
  • 3- Priest
  • 3- Paladin
  • 2- Shaman
  • 1- Druid
  • 1- Shadow Priest
  • 3- Rogues
  • 1- DPS Warrior
  • 2- Hunters
  • 3- Mages
  • 2- Warlocks



Serpentshrine Cavern is made up of the following bosses:

  • Hydross the Unstable - Hydros is a raging water elemental, that is a very difficult boss require perfect execution to get past.
  • The Lurker Below - A giant sea creature boss that must be summoned by fishing for him out of his Strange Pool.
  • Morogrim Tidewalker - Morogrim is a huge sea giant that you must fight near a waterfall that plays into the fight.
  • Fathom-Lord Karathress - Karathress is surrounded by his three Fathom Guard and the fight here involves killing them prior to defeating Karathress.
  • Leotheras the Blind - This boss starts off in humanoid form and then alternates between his demon and humanoid form for the rest of the fight.
  • Lady Vashj - Vashj was originally a Night Elf but was transformed into a Naga. She specializes in melee and ranged combat with her legendary longbow, Frostfathom.

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