The Sethekk Halls are one of the wings of Auchindoun in the Terokkar Forest. The Halls are the second most difficult instance in Auchindoun and and are filled with the odd birdlike creatures called the Arakkoa that look like escapees from the Dark Crystal movie.

Sethekk Halls are meant for players level 67 through 70, however if the entire group is at the low range of this you are very likely to have issues completing the instance. There are several difficult parts and the last boss requires skill and power to beat.

Blizzard has the following to say about Auchindoun:

For thousands of years, the draenei have been interring their dead in Auchindoun, their most sacred temple. However, it was infiltrated by agents of the Shadow Council bent on summoning a horrifying creature of immense evil. Their vile act of magic resulted in a massive explosion that blew the temple apart and reduced the surrounding area into a charred wasteland. The blast also caused a rift in the Nether itself, drawing the otherworldly Ethereal's into Outland. The interred draenei now walk the ruins as restless spirits. Meanwhile, the horrific entity summoned by the Shadow Council threatens to overwhelm their efforts to contain it. You must prevent this evil from being unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Auchindoun is divided into four wings, and is designed for a party of five characters levels 64-70.

The instances in the Auchindoun are as follows:

MOB Levels
# of Players
Mana Tombs
Auchenai Crypts
Sethekk Halls
Shadow Labyrinth

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Getting to the Auchindoun

The Outlands! A complete map of the world and where everything is in it

Getting to the Auchindoun is fairly easy unless you are too low a level, as the MOBS around it range up to level 65. It can be found in the large blasted bone waste area of Terokkar forest to the south of Shattrath City. You can also get access to it from the Alliance or Horde towns to the east and north east. They are the Allerian Stronghold and Stonebreaker Hold respectively. Auchindoun is the large ruins in the center of the bone wastes. When you reach there you have to head down through various tunnels to reach the bottom of the ruins, which is a circular plaza area. In the center is a meeting stone to summon other players and the instances can be found in tunnels around the outskirts of the central area. Another way to get to it is taking any of the stair ways around it up, and then finding a place to jump down through the ruins. There are several places where the ruins form long steps down, sure, you'll take some fall damage, but taken in steps, its fine.

The Sethekk Halls are the east instance around the Ring of Observance.


There are two quests that are available to players, both from the NPC standing right outside the instance. They are:

Brother Against Bother - Kill Darkweaver Syth in the Sethekk halls, then free Lakka from captivity. Return to Isfar outside the Sethekk Halls when you've completed the rescue.

Darkweaver Syth is the first boss in the instance and Lakka can be found in a cage in Syth's room once you have defeated him. This quest gives a choice of very good necklaces upon completion and should be done.

Terokk's Legacy - Bring Terokk's Mask, Terokk's Quill, and the Saga of Terokk to Isfar outside the Sethekk Halls.

Terokk's mask is dropped by Darkweaver Syth, the Saga of Terokk is a book that can be found on the ground in the room just before Talon Lord Ikiss. The Talon Lord drops the last item, Terokk's Quill.

Trash MOBs

There are many different bird, spirit and Arakkoa based MOBs in the instance. Several of which have abilities that can make your life difficult when learning the Sethekk Halls.

A Prophet fearing the group

Sethekk Guards – You encounter these early and often in the instance. The big concern with them is their AOE Thunderclap ability that hits for up to 1500 damage with a range of about 10 yards.

Sethekk Oracle - These casters throw chain lighting that has a silence component, so casters need to stay away.

Sethekk Prophet – Casts an AOE fear in combat that lasts for about 5 seconds, and summons an un-killable ghost upon death that hits VERY hard but moves slowly and de-spawns after roughly 8 seconds.

Time-Lost Controller - A caster based MOB that can also plant a mind control totem, that takes over a character. As soon as the totem is destroyed the player regains control of his character.

Darkweaver Syth

The first boss is Darkweaver Syth, a large angry caster type Arakkoa. He does not do that much damage by himself however he has some very nasty abilities that can wipe a group quickly if you are not prepared for him. His abilities are as follows:

Elemental Shocks - He can do various elemental shocks (Flame, Arcane and Frost) that each deal around 800 damage.

Chain lightning - Hits everyone in melee range

Summon Elementals - Every time you drop 25% of Syth's health, he summons four elementals to his aid. This means at 75%, 50% and 25% health you get 4 adds. The elementals are shadow, arcane, fire and frost. They his for up to 800 damage per hit and put a DoT on anyone they hit that causes 65 damage every tick for 15 seconds.

The strategy to remember when fighting Syth is that "slow and steady wins the race". Syth himself is not very hard to deal with, his elementals are though. The problem most groups have is dealing with more than one group of elementals in rapid succession. As soon as a group of elementals appear, you should banish or fear them and stop DPS on Syth to deal with them. Once they are gone, then everyone moves back to Syth. If you go slow in this way, you should get enough of a break to recover from the elementals. Also try to keep DoTs off of Syth as they are sometimes enough to get a second group to spawn before killing the first. If you ever have to deal with 8 elementals at a time you are more than likely looking at a wipe.

It should go without saying that having as much of the various resistance's helps drastically in this fight. If you have to have any single resistance though it is Shadow as all of Darkweaver Syth's physical attacks cause only shadow damage, so the tank can resist almost everything from Syth with enough resistance.

One nice way to deal with the adds easily is to have a Paladin in the party spam Consecration just as they are spawning. With any amount of points in the protection tree and popping Righteous Fury beforehand, they will be stuck like glue to the pally. The mage or warlock can then drop them with AOE without much risk.

Talon King Ikiss

The Talon King

The second boss and last Boss is Talon Kin Ikiss, another large Arakkoa caster. The fight relies very heavily on players watching and reacting to what is going on in the fight. If you have someone that does not pay attention in the group, it can be a very frustrating fight as you wipe over and over again.

Blink - He can Blink up to 40 yards away

Mana Shield - He can cast a mana shield which absorbs damage

Polymorph - Randomly targets players in the group to sheep. It lasts only about 5 seconds and can be dispelled. While affected though players regenerate mana and health very quickly, so it is not always best to dispel, unless it is the healer or tank.

Arcane Explosion - 40 yard AoE attack that hits everyone in line of sight of Ikiss for 5k - 6k damage! It takes 5 seconds to cast though so there is time to get out of LOS. Can be interrupted for the first 2 seconds of casting only.

Arcane Volley - 40 yard AoE attack that hits everyone regardless of line of sight for roughly 1500 damage.

This fight requires coordination and timing for the whole group. The best way to fight him is by pulling him slightly to the side of the room between 2 pillars. The group can tehn split to either side of him and do healing and DPS within easy reach of a pillar. Once the tank establishes aggro, everyone else picks a position near a pillar a fights from there until he blinks away. At this point he will start casting arcane explosion, everyone must get behind a pillar out of line of sight.

As soon as he casts the arcane explosion he will follow up with an arcane volley hoping to finish everyone off. As long as you were out of LOS it does not do enough damage to worry about. Everyone should move back in and pick up the fight. Repeat until he is down, making sure someone keeps removing all the polymorphs if he has just blinked so that they are not caught in the open for an arcane explosion while sheeped!


Another really good instance with fun and challenging bosses. Another huge perk is the easy exit. It really makes you miss that feature on the instances that don't have it. While both bosses can be a challenge to learn, once you get teamwork and timing down they become very easy. I believe Blizzard is training us through these fights for how difficult some of the new raid bosses will be, but that's just a hunch.

I took many additional screen shots which are all available in our gallery here: TenTonHammer visits Sethekk Halls .

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