The Steamvault is the third and most difficult of the five man instances in the Coilfang Reservoir and home to Warlord Kalithresh who will require coordination and skill to defeat. . It is meant for a 5 man group of level 70 players. While you may be able to get away with a player or two at level 69, it is best to all be level 70 and equipped with decent gear.

The other instances in the Coilfang Reservoir are as follows:

Instance MOB Levels # of Players
The Slave Pens 62 - 64 5
The Underbog 63 - 65 5
The Steamvault 70 - 72 5
Serpentshrine Cavern ??? 25

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Getting to the Coilfang Reservoir and finding a group

The Outlands! A complete map of the world and where everything is in it

Getting to the Coilfang Reservoir is not the easiest thing in the world to do, as it is hidden deep in the center of a lake in the north area of Zangarmarsh. By deep in the center I mean that literally, the entrance to this instance is found at the bottom of the lake. To get to it you must swim down to the bottom and find a tunnel that leads even further down. Once through the tunnel you will reach an underwater cave full of air. This is the Coilfang Reservoir Instance area.

Being a level 70 instance now that many people have had time to hit level 70, finding a group should not be that difficult.



There are only a few quests for players in the Steamvaults, they are:

Quests for Both Factions

The Warlord's Hideout – Watcher Jhang wants you to find and slay Warlord Kalithresh inside Coilfang Reservoir.

Simpy (or not) get to the end of the instance and kill the Warlord.

Orders from Lady Vashj – Deliver the Orders from Lady Vashj to Ysiel Windsinger at the Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh.

These drop from a random MOB in the instance and once turned in leads to...

Preparing for War – Obtain Coilfang Armaments from naga at Coilfang Reservoir and return them to Ysiel Windsinger at the Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh.

The second part of Orders, and again they just drop from random MOBs in the instance. You turn them in for rep and experience back at Cenarion Refuge.

Trash MOBs

The Steamvault houses a number of dangerous MOBs that need to be dealt with. While learning the instance it is not uncommon to have a few deaths due to some of the more difficult MOBs. Once you learn what they all do and how to deal with them though, it becomes easy. The most important to watch for and be aware of are:

Coilfang Siren - Very high on priority list due to an instant cast AOE Fear. Also has several damage spells, but fear is the critical one.

Coilfang Oracle - Again this MOB is very high on the priority list due to an instant cast AOE 10 second silence. In no way should this MOB be allowed anywhere near your casters.

Coilfang Slavemaster - Same as the Slavemasters in the Slave Pens (only of a higher level), kill them and the slave will flee the battle.

Myrmidon - A warrior based MOB that has Sweeping Stikes, Cleaves, Executes and more! If you're not melee, stay away from them!

Tidal Surgers - An elemental that comes with 4 smaller adds. Has a frost nova ability as well as a hard hitting random target knockback, also immune to frost based spells.

Bog Overlord - An even more powerful version of the bog giants from the other coilfang instances. Hits for over 3000 damage to cloth wearers when enraged and has a very nasty poison based dot. Immune to all CC and slow effects.

Hydromancer Thespia

3 man FTW!

The instance is a little confusing in its layout, so you need to know how to get to the bosses. The first boss that you should fight is the Hydromancer Thespia who is flanked by two elemental guards. To get to her you need to stay in the first area of the instance, ignoring the ramp up to another main room that you come to along the right hand side of the cavern. Instead follow the first cavern to the end and up the ramp where she will be waiting for you. In addition to her two elementals she has the following abilities:

Lightning Cloud - This is an instant cast AOE spell that causes up to 2000 damage when it first appears and then an additional 1500 per tick that you remain in its 10 yard AOE.

Enveloping Wind - 5 second stun that targets a random player. It is however magic based and dispellable.

Lung Burst - This DOT hits for roughly 500 damage per tick and lasts 10 seconds. It is dispellable though.

The fight is easier if you have a warlock in the group as you can banish one of the elementals, however the fight is almost the same without one. The best way to handle the fight is to have the tank gram Thespia's attention and tank her in the middle of the room. Everyone else in the group must DPS one and then the other elemental down as fast as possible. They each can cause significant damage with thier water bolt volley (which causes up to 900 frost damage to everyone in 30 yards + LOS) and if not taken out quickly your healer may not have enough mana for the fight with Thespia. Some groups will find it easier to deal with one elemental at a time and have someone kite the other out of the room for a while.

Once the elementals are down, Thespia just requires people to avoid her lightning cloud ability, which is pretty easy with a good tank moving her to clear areas every time she casts it.

Once she is down, someone needs to activate the organ looking device at the back of her room. This is the first of two devices that need to be activated to open the door to Warlord Kalithresh room.

NOTE: For anyone on the Karazhan key quest you can find the fragment at the bottom of the pool beside Thespia's area.

Mekgineer Steamrigger

Mekgineer Steamrigger

The second boss that you need to fight is the Mekgineer Steamrigger, who is a giant mechanical gnome creation. You can find him by going up the ramp to the right from the main room and then taking the catwalk to the right again. You will find him at the end of the long snaking tunnel. He had several abilities including a physical damage reflection and the ability to summon MOBs that repair him.

Sawblades -This attack flies out at a random player and hits everyone along the path for up to 2000 damage. It is easy to avoid having it hit multiple players by making sure you don't stand near other players.

Electric Net - This attack hits and immobilizes the target for about 10 seconds and causes a small amount of damage.

Shrinking Ray -Causes the target to shrink in size and reduces the damage they cause by 35%

Summon Repair Gnomes - At various points in the fight Mekgineer Steamrigger will summon a group of repair Gnomes. They come in groups of 4 and cast a channeled heal on Steamrigger.

The key to this fight is controlling the repair Gnomes by getting them down as quickly as possible. They appear when he has 75%, 50% and 25% health left. As soon as they appear everyone other than the tank and healer need to shift their attention onto them to drop them quickly. Since there are generally more at once than you can drop quickly you should, trap, stun or fear as many as possible in addition to DPSing the once you can down. With a warlock or priest in the group you can focus on 1 or 2 at a time and fear the rest until they are all killed.

Over all though the fight is not that difficult and once he is down just remember to activate the organ looking device at the back of the area. This is the second of the two devices that need to be activated to open the door to Warlord Kalithresh room and if you forget you will have to run back here.

Warlord Kalithresh

Warlord Kalithresh is the last boss in the instance and can be found behind the previously closed doors in the secondary room of the instance. The fight can be difficult the first time, but once you learn what to expect it is a fairly simple fight that just requires people to pay attention and switch targets quickly. His abilities are:

1600+ damage hits from 1 enrage!

Spell Reflection - This is a shield that Kalithresh will cast occasionally that reflects all spell damage back at the caster. Make sure that you stop spell DPS as soon as it appears.

Impale - This DOT targets a random player in the party and deals rougly 500 damage per tick for 10 seconds.

Warlord's Rage - This happens whenever Kalithresh is able to channel one of the tanks in the room. Once channeled he recieves a 75% damage boost and a 70% attack speed boost. This ability stacks multiple times, so be careful!

Basically the fight is to engage him and then as soon as he starts channeling from one of the tanks in the room, that tank becomes targetable. Once it does you must kill it FAST! Everyone including the tank must contribute DPS to the tank to destroy it before Kalithresh finishes channeling from it.

If you do not destroy the tank before he is done he becomes buffed with +70% attack speed and +75% damage. Worse, it stacks from one tank to the next. You can survive if he gets buffed once, but more than that and you are going to wipe.

Next to that his magic reflect is annoying and needs to be watched for (especially with high damage casters) and so does his DOT, but neither are all that bad compared to his becoming enraged.


Overall I really like the whole instance, as each boss fight is very different and require a decent amount of timing, skill and teamwork. This makes all the fights entertaining. Also the instance is fairly short and can usually be completed in less than 90 minutes, less than an hour if your really good.

My main complaint with the instance though, is the layout. The boss placement is not at all intuitive. The first boss is at the end of a section that is past the turnoff to the 2nd and 3rd boss. The same is true with the second boss, which is past the location of the final boss. This creates some issues finding your way around the first few times you are in the instance.

The loot in the instance is outstanding and many players will keep coming back for that one piece they just have to have. There are several pieces of the Dungeon Set 3 that drop from the various bosses. You can find the drop locations in our: Dungeon Set 3 Drop Location page.

We have many additional screen shots which are all available in our gallery here: TenTonHammer visits the The Steamvault .

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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