Street Fighter V is a game that can be very intimidating for beginners, especially the ones that have seen people playing it at a high level on Yes, the game has a high skill ceiling, but it’s not one that’s completely unobtainable. In fact, if you compare it with other “esport” titles out there right now, Street Fighter seems more straight forward than most of them.

You will however need to have your wits about you right off the bat if you’re to avoid getting your butt handed to you match after match. In the hopes of sparing you from at least a few of these beatings, here are some tips that every Street Fighter 5 beginner can benefit from.

Play the ground game

One of the biggest mistakes new players make is that they try jumping attacks for everyone of their moves. The bad thing about jumping is that it prevents you from making any course corrections while you’re in the air, effectively letting your opponent know exactly where your going.

Jumping attacks are also slower than many of the ground based ones, meaning their easy to counter and prepare for. Use your jump only when you’re sure your opponent wont see it coming, or you are desperately trying to dodge a ground attack.

Learn character’s ranges

This is going to take some time but is essential if you want to get anywhere in the ranks. Each character has a different range on their attacks. Range is basically the length of their arms and legs when they kick/ punch. Knowing exactly how far they reach will let you dodge much more easily, and land your own hits.

The best way to work out ranges is to take each of the characters to the training area. The stationary NPC makes it a lot easier to measure the distances.

Manage your meter

You have two resources you’ve got to manage in Street Fighter V, your red V Meter and your blue Ex meter. The V meter is a new feature that allows you to perform a V-trigger and a V-reversal. Your characters V-trigger will power up one of their attacks, while the V-reversal will allow you to break out of high pressure situations with your block (i.e. getting hit with repeated attacks in a corner). You gain V meter by taking damage and using your V abilities.

Your EX meter is what powers your special, especially your Critical Art. You gain EX meter from performing any offensive or defensive manoeuvres (pretty much anything), but landing attacks is the fastest way to fill your EX meter. EX meter does carry over between rounds, so consider saving it if you are guaranteed a win.

Learn to spar (footsies)

If you’re familiar with boxing, you’ll be familiar with how footsies work. Basically it’s the act of jabbing at your opponent with your farthest reaching attacks, doing little in the way of damage but with the main goal of gaining position or forcing them to go for a risky attack.

It also works as a great defensive technique while back peddling when you want to keep your opponent at a distance. Just be sure you don’t back your way to the edge of the stage, or let them get close enough for a grab.

Blocking is key

More matches in Street Fighter are won from good defense than they are from good offense. Knowing how and when to block is a fundamental pillar of the game that you wont get far without. Unfortunately, it’s one that you can only really learn with practice, so queue up a match and take notes.

Some things to look out for are the timing of opponent attacks, the length of the attack animation (so you can time your block appropriately) and what attacks can/ can’t be blocked.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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