First Spiders, then Death Knights, now Abominations!

The scourge has many tools as their disposal. Abominations are one of their many tools. They are one of the most deadliest ones available. Made of flesh, metal, and many other substances, the abominations are not something that should exist. Their power is unrivaled, able to take on most anything that gets in their way. That is, until you showed up. Those noble enough to assault the Abomination Wing of Naxxramas will need to know all about one of its most fierce enemies, Patchwerk. That’s why in this week’s update of our Naxxramas guide we bring you a complete walkthrough of the Patchwerk encounter.

Patchwerk is the first boss in the Abomination Wing. He’s, as you can probably guess by now, a very large and mean Abomination. Unlike the other three bosses that stand guard as the first defenses for their wing, Patchwerk is absolutely no joke. He’s got an extremely simple encounter that only requires tactics out of your tanks, but he’s got a slight trick up his sleeve. He must die within seven minutes or your raid is done for. Seven minutes is nowhere near long enough to kill him through, well for most people that is.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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