TenTonHammer's Guide to "The Scarlet Monestary"

The Scarlet Monastery

Today we look back at many players favorite early/mid game instances. I know it continues to be my favorite early instance due to clean design, the ability to play it in pieces (the 4 different wings), the loot, and its repeatability.

The Scarlet Monastery was once the center of the priesthood of Lordaeron and a formed the center of learning that drew people from all around. However times change and after the Third War it became home for the fanatics of the Scarlet Crusade. The Crusaders are extremists who believe all non-human races are enemies, and any outsiders could be undead plague carriers and must be destroyed.

The instance itself is split up into four wings, which can each be done separately or one after each other. When you enter the area the wings are laid out (from left to right) as the Graveyard, Cathedral, Armory and Library. The Graveyard and Library are free to open, however to get into the Cathedral and Armory you must complete the Library to obtain the Scarlet Key.

The Scarlet Monastery is meant for characters level 35-43ish. You can continue to make loot and experience runs through the Scarlet Monastery to about level 46, but after that the experience gains are not worth the effort. The difficulty really depends on the wing that you are in. The easiest is the graveyard, which can be done with a group of level 30-32 players. Beyond that though, everyone really needs to be at least level 35 for the Library and almost level 40 for the Armory and Cathedral.

Location and Timing

The Scarlet Monastery can be found in the north-easter part of Trisfal Glades near the coast. This is an easy instance to get to for Horde players since it is a short walk from the Undercity. However this also means it is deep in Horde controlled territory, making it difficult for Alliance players to get to. The only way to get there is a long hike from the nearest alliance flight point located at Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

Once there the monastery is a rather large instance when thought of as one place. However since each wing can be done separately it can be done in manageable parts. Each of the individual wings can usually be finished in under an hour.

Maps and Gallery

Maps of the Scalet Monastery

To make getting around and finding everything easy in the Scarlet Monastery we have put together a set of maps that marks the locations of all key named Mobs in each of the instances. The maps can be found here.

For those wanting to see what awaits you in the Scarlet Monastery we have a gallery of screen shots that can be found here.



There are two Alliance only quests, four Horde only quests , and one mage only quest in the Scarlet Monastery.

Alliance Quests

In the Name of the Light - Kill High Inquisitor Whitemane, Scarlet Commander Mograine, Herod, the Scarlet Champion and Houndmaster Loksey and then report back to Raleigh the Devout in Southshore.

This is a simple kill quest. Track down the 4 bosses in the instance as shown in the instance details below.

Mythology of the Titans - Retrieve Mythology of the Titans from the Monastery and bring it to Librarian Mae Paledust in Ironforge.

Horde only Quests

Vorrel's Revenge - Return Vorrel Sengutz's wedding ring to Monika Sengutz in Tarren Mill.

Vorrel is in the Graveyard instance, on a rack in the chamber of atonement.

Hearts of Zeal - Master Apothecary Faranell in the Undercity wants 20 Hearts of Zeal.

This is the second in a series of quests, originating in Razor Fen Kraul. Killing the Mobs outside the Scarlet Monastery will get you the required number of hearts.

Compendium of the Fallen - Retrieve the Compendium of the Fallen from the Monastery in Tirisfal Glades and return to Sage Truthseeker in Thunder Bluff.

Into The Scarlet Monastery - Kill High Inquisitor Whitemane, Scarlet Commander Mograine, Herod, the Scarlet
Champion and Houndmaster Loksey and then report back to Varimathras in the Undercity.

This is the same as the Alliance quest "In the Name of the Light".

Mage only Quest

Rituals of Power - Bring the book Rituals of Power to Tabetha in Dustwallow Marsh.

The book is located in the Library, and marked on our instance map

The Graveyard

The Graveyard

This is the easiest section of the Monastery, and can be done at a much lower lever than the rest of the instances. In fact by the time you complete the other wings, many players are soloing this wing for gold. The Mobs are level 30-32 and generally grouped 2-4 together. As long as you do not let any mobs run away from combat and into another group you should find this wing easy.

There are two named mobs that could be considered bosses in the instance. The first is Interrogator Vishas who drops the Torturing Poker, which is a great rogue dagger usable at level 29. The second named mob is Bloodmage Thalnos. He is level 34 elite and found in the bottom of the last crypt. Neither of these are especially difficult or require much strategy.

In addition there are three random rare spawns in the graveyard to look for that drop decent loot. They are Iron Spine, Fallen Champion, and Azshir the sleepless. These are all level 33, but they usually drop nice blue items.

The Library

The second wing in the Scarlet Monastery is the Library. The Mobs are slightly higher range, 33-35, but still in small groups. In addition to melee mobs though you will now also find mages in the Library, this means you’ll have to watch out for long ranged attacks as well as close combat. Line of sight pulling and pulling around corners becomes important to get them away from other mobs.

The Library

The first Mob you need to kill for your quests can be found here. He is the mini boss off to side of the first courtyard the library, named Houndmaster Loksey. He has three dogs that fight with him so this fight can be a bit tough if your party does not stay focused. The best way to deal with him is to crowd control the dogs as much as possible and drop him quickly. I do not suggest killing the dogs first, because if you fail at any point, they respawn with him when he resets.

The final Boss in the Library is Arcanist Doan. He is level 37 elite, and can be a hard boss for beginning players due to all his abilities. He has the following abilities:

  • Arcane Explosion - An AOE damage spell, everyone not involve with melee should clear away
  • AOE Silence - If your not melee stay at max distance to avoid getting silenced
  • Polymorph - Yup, he can sheep one of your group!
  • Arcane shield - Protects against all damage for roughly 10 seconds.
  • Detonation - While protected by his shield he will cast this AoE damage spell. When he starts casting it clear away from him.

In addition to his abilities he is immune to stuns, silence, shield bash, all spell interrupt effects, and more. He is a caster though so has relatively low health. Have the tank keep him away from the clothies and you shouldn't have any real issues with him.

Once you defeat him it is important to grab the Scarlet key from the chest in his room. You will need this key to access the Armory and the Cathedral, so don't forget it!

The Armory

The third wing that you will enter in the Scarlet Monastery is the Armory. The mobs here will be a step up in difficulty as they reach level 38 elite status. Also the groups come closer together so controlling runners becomes critical.

Herod's Room

The final boss in this wing is is Herod, The scarlet Champion, who is a level 40 elite warrior. You can find Herod at the end of the wing in a room that is basically a pit with Herod at the bottom. Herod has the following abilities:

  • Immune to Stun - also to other movement impeding effects.
  • Enrage - When he drops to 20% health or lower he becomes enraged, hitting for much more damage.
  • Cleave - Hits an additional melee target in the front arc.
  • Whirlwind - Announced by the should "Blades of Light", starts spinning around, hitting everyone in melee for about 250 damage per hit for about 10 seconds. While doing this he is immune to magic.
  • Summon minions - When he dies, 20+ MOBs rush into the room to avenge Herod. They are all non-elite and can die quickly to AoE.

The tank should keep Herod busy in the center of the room, with the healers, and ranged DPS around the ledge. Melee DPS can move in, but should stay behind Herod. When he starts his whirlwind, all melee DPS needs to blackout and bandage. When the whirlwind ends, everyone can re-engage Herod.

Be warned that you need to have mana left at the end of the fight on someone with AoE to deal with the large group of level 31 mobs that rush in and start attacking.

The Cathedral

The final and hardest wing in the Monastery is the Cathedral itself. While not long in length, there are many difficult MOBs packed into a tight area that need to be cleared slowly and carefully to prevent a wipe.

The front fountains

The most effective route through the Courtyard outside the cathedral is to clear through the middle water fountain, up one side of the steps and into the upper fountain. Then pull the surrounding MOBs there to deal with. Once inside the Cathedral it is again important to be very careful as many groups are close together. Pick a side and clear out each group carefully, watching for patrols. It is best to pull the first few groups outside of the cathedral. You must clear all the groups before engaging Mograine the Scarlet Champion, or any remaining MOBs will aggro. Make sure everyone is careful around him, staying several steps back from the stairs that he is on.

Secret Room: Off to the right side of the steps where Mogriane stands there is a room with 1-2 mobs, and an altar in it. Kill the Mobs in the room and face the east wall, standing close to the altar. There you will find a candle stick that can be used to open a secret door.
This is where High Inquisitor Faribanks is. He is lying on the floor apparently dead, but is very much undead. He is an easy kill for an extra magic item drop.

After al the lower mobs are cleared, you can attack Mogriane.

Mograine is a Paladin and as such has the following abilities:

  • Hammer of Justice - This stuns the target for 3 seconds.
  • Crusader Strike - Increases holy damage taken by the target.
  • Divine Shield - Becomes invulnerable for 10 seconds, so save your attacks, you can't hurt him.

Once Whitemane appears and enters the fight you will have to deal with her abilities as well. She is a Priest based MOB and can do the following:

  • Smite - Causes Holy damage
  • AoE Sleep - Part of the script, puts everyone to sleep to resurrect Mograine.
  • Heal - Can heal herself or Mograine for a significant amount of health

The fight is scripted, and you must go through the following events. Engage and kill Mograine, then after he dies, a back wall opens up and High Inquisitor Whitemane appears. She will engage the party and fight for a brief while (about 50% of her health) and then she will use and AoE sleep spell. While the group is asleep she will resurrect Mogriane, then heal him and herself and essentially the fight starts over again.

Don't panic: send your tank to Mograine, and focus the rest of the group on Whitemane. Kill Whitemane fast: she doesn't have much health since she's a caster-type boss. When Whitemane is down, jump on Scarlet Commander Mograine and this time kill him for good.


Even though I have done this instance so many times, it still maintains its position as one of my favorites. It never gets old, and stays one of the reasons to become level 40. Many of my characters have made mount money running this instance over and over again.

The theme, feel and fights all add up to what is nearly a perfect instance.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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