The raids in Mists of Pandaria make up the pinnacle of PVE content, and thanks to the LFR system, pretty much anyone can get in to see them. 

This guide covers all the basics that you will need to know in the LFR version of the fights in the final of the initial round of Mists of Pandaria raids the Terrace of Endless Springs. In this raid there are three preliminary bosses and then the final and major boss the Sha of Fear.

Tanks are covered briefly and it is possible to get through with what is here, but really if you are a tank you should do some more research and know the fights in more depth.

As an added bonus each boss also has a really short version of the essentials that can simply be pasted into raid chat to ensure that everyone knows the 25 words or less version of the fight.

Protectors of the Endless Terrace

This is a three phase fight as you deal with three different Jinyu bosses all at once to start with. Once a boss is defeated the remaining bosses heal to full health and gain additional abilities. This means that even though you will be down to one boss in the final phase, that boss will have the most abilities and be the hardest part of the fight to deal with.

Phase 1

  • It is best to pick a kill order at this point for the whole fight. The easiest is Asani, Regail, and then Kaolan, however if you attempt this and wipe due to players failing to avoid abilities in phase 2 you can kill Regail first and then Asani to minimize movement required.
  • Most of the abilities here are not a big deal to deal with.
  • Make sue you dispel Cleansing Waters as it heals the council members.

Phase 2

  • Regail is the next to be killed.
  • Tanks need to move out of Defiled Ground while all players need to move out of Lightning Storm as it radiates out when cast.

Phase 3

  • Kaolan is the last to be killed.
  • Tanks need to move out of Defiled Ground while the rest of the players need to move out of the Expel Corruption when it is cast.

Protectors of the Endless Macro
/raid Kill order will be Ansani, Regall, Kaolan. Dispel cleansing waters, avoid defiled ground, lightning storm, and expel corruption.


This is a very interesting fight with two alternating and repeating phases of night and day. In the night phase you need to deal damage to Tsulong since he is under the influence of the Sha. In the day phase you need to protect Tsulong and heal him while he is fighting back against the Sha. You can win this fight in two different ways, either by killing him in the night phase of healing him to full life in the day phase.

Phase 1 - Night Phase

  • Tanks swap agro after each breath, while keeping Tsulong faced away from the raid.
  • Everyone needs to move through the sunbeam that spawns whenever they get 4-6 stacks of the Dread Shadows debuff. Do not just stand in the sunbeam as a group as then the next ability will hit everyone.
  • Avoid the Nightmare pools that spawn under a random player.

Phase 2 - Day Phase

  • In this phase the main goal is to destroy all incoming Sha attacks. The larger manifestations need to be tanked, while the smaller ones can be killed by DPS without being tanked. If the smaller manifestations touch Tsulong they inflict a lot of damage and therefore are the main priority.
  • Healers should focus on healing Tsulong as much as possible during this phase.

Tsulong Macro
/raid Night Phase - Clear debuff by running through sunbeam at 5 stacks, avoid Nightmare pools.
/raid Day Phase - Heal boss, DPS adds before they get to the boss.

Lei Shi

This is a very simple four phase repeating fight.

Phase 1

  • Tanks stand to each side in front of the boss, while the rest of the raid stacks behind.
  • Tanks swap agro after they are afflicted by 5 stacks of the spray debuff.

Phase 2 - Hide

  • Lei Shi hides from you, search for an orb in the area and AOE around it to make Lei Shi re-appear.

Phase 3 - Get Away

  • Lei Shi pushes everyone away, dealing more damage to you the further away you are. Keep moving towards the boss and dealing damage as you can.

Phase 4 - Protect

  • Lei Shi bubbles himself and summons adds. Focus one of them down and ignore the rest. As soon as one dies the rest de-spawn and the phase ends.

Lei Shi Macro
/raid Stay behind the boss, AOE to reveal boss when hidden, get in close when pushed away, and focus one add down.

Sha of Fear

This is actually a very simple fight in the LFR version as long as players wait to attack the adds at the pagodas when transported there.

  • Tanks stand in front of the boss and everyone else stands behind them all contained in the walls of light that farm in front of the Sha.
  • Adds spawn to the side of the Sha outside of the walls.
  • DPS must move out and get behind the adds to kill them and get back into the walled area before the next Breath of Fear.
  • Ocas ion ally random players will be transported to one of the pagodas around the Sha. Once there players need to kill the mini-boss that is there. The main thing to remember here is to not attack until there are enough players there to deal with the mini-boss.

Sha of Fear Macro
/raid Stand behind tanks, kill adds by getting behind them, get back behind tanks before breath, kill mini-bosses at the pagodas when transported there.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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