The Division 2 has plenty of cosmetic items, and many players are on the hunt for keychains that hang from your backpack. While only small, they do add some flair to your character, and are fairly unique if you're one of the few to find them. With some available only on pre-order, or if you've played The Division, others are located within the game world. All need to be equipped through the Apparel section of the menu. 

Preorder/Beta Rewards

  • American Flag: Awarded to returning Division players
  • Capitol Hill: Played The Division 2 in any of the Open Beta sessions.
  • Dark Zone Supply Crate: Completed Dark Zone Mission in Open Beta.
  • Tommy The Teddy Bear: Pre Order Bonus.

Keychain Map Locations

  • Armpatch and Dogtags: Obtained from the True Sons Stronghold and is a random drop from any of the enemies within it.
  • Blood Vial: Located in the Outcast Stronghold. Before you fall to the underground tunnel, there's a dressing table with the Blood Vial ontop. 
  • Bronze Eagle - Reach tier 10 in commendations.
  • Chess Piece: Given for controlling all Capture Points on the map simultaneously (WT4).
  • DC Flag - Reach Commendation Tier 5.
  • DZ South Trophy - Killing disavowed agents a certain number of times.
  • Doughnut: Obtained in the new Classified Assignments, simply enter the location and unlock the Key Chain box (impossible to not obtain). 
  • Film Reel - Can be found in the G. Phillips Protocol hidden mission. Go down the stairs, it is in a small box in the left wall.
  • Gavel: Play through the main Missions and you'll receive the Gavel after rescuing President Ellis.
  • Gas Cannister: On the edge of the wing, near A side, after killing the second boss in the Raid (once you've climbed up).
  • Gold Bar: Obtained from the Bank Vault Mission, in the vault, inside a safety deposit box.
  • Hot Dog: Obtained in the new Classified Assignments, simply enter the location and unlock the Key Chain box (impossible to not obtain). 
  • Hunter’s Axe: You'll need to kill Hunter NPCs and collect 8 keys to open the Ivory Chest inside The White House. You'll receive the keychain, alongside some other goodies.
  • Ice Hockey Player: Found inside the District Union Stronghold in the Garage when you kill Diesel (chance on drop).
  • Lincoln Bust: Obtained during the Lincoln Memorial Mission. It can be found in the giftshop, just at the end of the Lincoln Gallery (the posh section of the Mission).
  • Pizza Key Chain: New classified assignment.
  • Plushie Flower: You'll need to upgrade the Campus Settlement twice. The keychain is located above the stage, towards a Sunflower bed (small crate on the floor).

  • Plushie Hippo: Similarly to Plushie Flower, again it's based on upgrading the Theatre Settlement twice. On the new roof terrace the Hippo keychain is in a box beside it.

  • Rogue Coin: Kill multiple players in each Dark Zone. Each Dark Zone has its own variant. 

  • Skeleton: Found during the main Mission within the DCD Headquarters. When you head to the morgue after dropping down from the elevator shaft. Explore the area immediately to your left and you'll see a anatomical skeleton; loot it for the keychain.

  • Space Shuttle: Just in front of the crashed Space Shuttle during the Air & Space Museum Mission.
  • Speaker’s Gavel: Rewarded for completing the Bank Headquarters Mission.
  • Sushi: Aquarium Civilian Rescue Classified Assignment (top floor in the main tank room. Blow the door's electrics to get in).
  • Traffic Cone: Awarded for finishing all the contaminated zones (collecting the intelligence from inside them). Should you wish, you can check your progress by going to Progression > Collectible > Comms > Contaminated Areas. In total, there's 15, acro 5 areas (2 in East Mall, 1 in Southwest, 1 in Constitution Hall and 1 in West End).
  • T-Rex: Awarded for completing Tidal Basin. 
  • T-Rex Black – Can be found in the Tidal Basin Stronghold, during the Black Tusks mission in HEROIC MODE. It's a drop from the Boss - Wyvern.

Know of any keychains we've missed? Let us know and we'll update this list.

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Last Updated: Mar 17, 2020

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