RIPuttin has written up a cracking list of ways to deal with the Black Tusk in The Division 2. While most enemies can be handled with a team with relative ease, at higher difficulty levels - and especially if your gear isn't optimised - it's important to know what's best against them. 

  • Warhounds: Indeed the most annoying unit, it deals a lot of damage and the Elite version can instantly kill you with the bleeding effect. The Warhound is weak against explosives, and using the bombardier drone and grenades is the fastest way to bring it down (Chem launcher works too).

  • Controller & Mini-tank: The Controller will try to repair the mini-tank if it receives damage. You should use this to lure him out of cover. Damage the track of the mini-tank when its in an open area, and the Controller will run to repair it and becomes a free kill. It's also important to remember that the mini-tank will auto-destroy if its the last enemy standing, while the elite mini-tank throws incendiary grenades.

  • Heavy: Carrying a mini-gun, the Heavy is tough to bring down. Shooting the ammo belt will make him go on his knees for 3 seconds, while you can also aim for his left shoulder to hit the ammo box.

  • Rusher: The explosive drones are incredibly annoying if you don't pay attention to them before they reach you. The easiest way of dealing with these is to shoot the drones as soon as they get deployed. It will kill or deal a lot of damage (veterans and elites) to the Rusher. If you can't hit the Drones, shoot the Rusher's backpack so that she will explode.

  • Medic: His EMP granades do a lot of damage, and you'll have to destroy them as soon as possible. Better yet, if you shoot his weakpoint, he won't be able to utilise his grenades any more and he will receive a status effect.

  • Thrower: A similar unit to the Rusher, shooting his backpack will make him explode.

  • Sniper: Snipers can deal a lot of damage but have far less HP compared to ther other units. She is an easy kill, but be careful of her Drone + Quick Scope combo. Her drone can stun you, and she will snipe you.

  • Assault: He can throw granades: try to shoot his hand while he is throwing them to ensure that he drops them on the floor besides him. 

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Last Updated: Apr 15, 2019

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