The Dodge City Gunslinger's Holster is the first Exotic armor piece in The Division 2. Its bonuses are significant, pistol focused, but also pair exceptionally well with other Exotic weapons. It pairs exceptionally well with Liberty, any pistol build, and any LMG/SMG build where Fill'Er Up was used. Here are its Talents. 

"Sleight of Hand" requires that you have a pistol equipped. It will not work on your primary/secondary weapons. It will not work on sawed off shotguns.

"Quick Draw" only requires you to swap to the pistol, no reload needed like Fill 'Er Up. You can swap back to your gun for a free reload on all weapons. However, it is nice to use your pistol to get a headshot kill because of...

"Perforator" Headshot kills grant 20% weapon damage and allows primary/secondary weapons to penetrate enemies for 8 seconds. This is extended to 11 seconds if you have a Magnum or Rhino weapon equipped.

There are no attribute stats on the holster. There are three mod slots: Two Offensive, One Utility. On the PTS, mod slots are by color not and not type. So you can equip any offensive System/Protocol mod into the Offensive slots.

To obtain it, you'll need to do a fair bit of running around, so here's how to grab it (below) or follow these images.

  • Go to blueprint vendor in BoO to get the project. Unsure if this will be the same on live servers, but this is how it starts on the PTS.

  • First step it to go to the western most control point "Riverside Gas Station" and take it over. You do not need to do anything special, you can do this as a level 1 control point.

  • Once you complete it, the "Fast Leather Belt" component is in the reward cache upstairs. After turning it in, you need to get three more pieces. Each of the items comes from each of the three faction control points. They must be completed at level 4 to get the item drop. You will see the final wave named NPC wearing a cowboy hat, then you know you are at the right one. The following are the factions you need to farm to get the pieces:

  • Ornate Leather Holster - Hyena Level 4 Control Point

  • Inverted Leather Holster - True Sons Level 4 Control Point

  • Oiled Hammer Guards - Outcast Level 4 Control Point

  • After returning to the BoO again. You get one last project. This one requires you to go to the bar just north east. The location is shown below. The trick is, the tooltip for the project says "Don't show up before they do." Basically, show up after "high noon" and the NPCs will spawn. You can check the in game time by going to the main menu and entering photo mode. You'll see the shortcut at the bottom in the center. The time will be in the upper right once you are in camera mode.

  • The location is more south east than north east of the White House. There is an echo inside the bar of men talking at a table. It was an area in the beta if you remember seeing the echo. Use this as your waypoint.

  • Once you get there after 12:00 (I showed up at 14:00) there were Black Tusk NPCs spawned inside with one named enemy. Kill the named enemy and they drop "Holster: Rind" which is the last piece you needed.

  • Return back to the BoO and you will be rewarded with the exotic pieces and blueprint.

  • To craft, you will need the 4 pieces (they are provided to you) and you need one Providence and one Petrov holster. You can use drops, but you can also use crafted items if you have the blueprint and don't want to destroy a holster.

Huge thanks to HerpDerpenberg for detailing this method on the Public Test Server. 

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Last Updated: Jun 05, 2019

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