The Division 2's Polarity Event is live, and players are struggling to deal with it. I'll admit, it's challenging, and incredibly difficult when playing at Challenging Global Difficulty. However, there's a few neat tricks you can do to quickly complete each days Challenges. 

How Polarity Works

  • Polarity is an event you can opt in and out of.
  • You, and enemies, are either negatively or positively charged. 
  • Positive polarity is indicated by an Orange Circle (enemies). 
  • Negative polarity is indicated by a Blue Line (enemies).
  • Division players will be able to see their personal Polarity based on their right elbow, and the colour it glows.
  • Your HUD will also display your positive or negative Polarity as one of the symbols above.
  • Hitting an enemy with the WRONG Polarity will cause you to be stunned for a lengthy period of time. 
  • Reloading your weapon changes your Polarity.
  • Swapping your weapon changes your Polarity. 
  • Meleeing an enemy changes their Polarity, and those around them. 

How To Complete The Polarity Challenges Quickly 

  • Switch your Global Difficulty Setting to Normal (Z on the map screen).
  • Have a Sniper Rifle available.
  • Adapt your Specialism based on your need. Need to burn enemies? Go Survivalist. Need to blow up opposing Polarities? Go Demolitionist.
  • Head to any mission, but ideally one that's short, that's littered in fire barrels (Outcast Missions are best). 
  • Track all the missions on your HUD. 
  • Take your time, and make use of your pistol if you get rushed.

Day 1 Polarity Challenges (14*)

  1. Eliminate 200 positive polarity hostiles (4*).
  2. Eliminate 100 negative polarity hostiles with headshots (3*).
  3. Eliminate 50 negative polarity hostiles with polarity damage buff active (2*).
  4. Change the polarity of hostile fireteams (2*).
  5. Eliminate positive polarity hostiles while they are on fire (2*).
  6. Complete and Main Mission on hard difficulty or above (1*).

Day 1

Completion Time: 60 minutes

Simply play through the mission, utilising your burning abilities, while killing enemies. Don't be too worried about which of the Challenges at this stage you complete. Ideally, if you can and when only one enemy is alive in each area, hit them multiple times with your melee ability. 

Typically, a single enemy (red) even on normal difficulty can survive around 6 hits with your melee attack. It doesn't take long to quickly wrack up 50. 

As for your head-shots, you can either pop enemies in the head after meleeing them, or utilise your rifle before enemies have sight of you to take them out. It's also a good idea to roam Control Points on the world map to snipe enemies who're out of vision range, who you can identify as negatively charged. 

Lastly, for the final objective (Complete a main mission on Hard), just pair up with another player or Clan mate and again, choose another Outcast Mission (Federal Emergency Bunker is great). Play safe and cautiously, and it'll be a smooth quick run. Just be sure to always keep an eye on your Polarity and that of your enemies. 

Day 2 Polarity Challenges (14*)

  1. Eliminate 200 negative polarity hostiles (4*).
  2. Eliminate 100 positive polarity hostiles with headshot (3*).
  3. Eliminate positive polarity hostiles with the polarity damage buff active (2*).
  4. Achieve the highest polarity damage buff multiplier (2*).
  5. Eliminate hostiles of the opposite polarity (2*).
  6. Take a photo of positive and negative polarity hostiles together (1*).

Day 2

Completion Time: 45 minutes

Similar to day 1, with a few easier variables. Head again to the Federal Emergency Bunker or the Potomatic Event Center. The latter allows you to quickly head-shot at least 10 enemies within the first few seconds, and you can reset the mission by simply walking back out the gate. This is also a good spot for completing Day 1's Sniper Shots if you haven't already.

For the damage multiplier, again this simply requires you to kill at least five enemies to reach the stack. The only reliable way to complete this quickly is to either reset missions, or to work through quick missions (such as Federal Emergency Bunker) to stack it repeatedly. 

The trickiest part is to eliminate enemies of the opposite polarity. To achieve this, you need to cause AoE damage either with grenades, burning, or Specialisation weapons (such as the Grenade Launcher).

Finally, just grab a photo on any of your first missions.

Day 3 Polarity Challenges (14*)

  1. Eliminate 50 negative polarity hostiles with weakpoint kills. (4*).
  2. Shock three hostiles of the same polarity at the same time (3*).
  3. Take over a control point without being shocked or leaving the capture radius (2*).
  4. Complete any main mission on Challenging or Above (2*).
  5. Eliminate positive polarity hostiles with a Specialization weapon (2*).
  6. Eliminate polarized hostiles with a melee attack (1*).

Day 3

Completion Time: 180 minutes

Honestly, this is a really tough day. Without doubt, the hardest so far. 

Firstly, Challenge one is really time consuming, and there's little else you can do but equip the Sniper Specialization, and blast through normal enemies who have weak spots. The fact they have to be negatively charged is what slows progress here. 

For the shocking enemies, read our guide here. Super easy. 

Where the Control Point is concerned, try to choose one that's in a flat, wide-open space. With your rifle equipped and on normal difficulty, it's incredibly easy to finish. 

Lastly, the Challenging mission is best in a pair, and the eliminations with your Specialization weapon simply takes time, based on the limited ammo. Oh, and as for the melee attack, it's ideal if you the Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun. The Talent on it allows you to instantly kill any enemy when you melee them, allowing you to quickly kill opposing polarity enemies in a single sweep.

As noted, the time it takes in today's Challenge is the first, and the fifth. The others aren't too bad.

Day 4 Polarity Challenges (14*)

  1. Eliminate 50 hostiles while avoiding being shocked. (4*).
  2. Eliminate 50 Positive Polarity Outcasts (2*).
  3. Eliminate 5 Positive Hostiles followed by 5 Negative Hostiles (2*).
  4. Complete any Stronghold on hard difficulty or above (2*).
  5. Eliminate positive polarity Black Tusk with grenades (2*).
  6. Eliminate negative polarity hostiles with a Specialization Weapon (1*).

Day 4

Completion Time: 60 minutes

Thankfully an easy day. The only real challenges are the first, and third.

For the first Challenge, you cannot be shocked or enemies you've eliminated will be removed. Fundamentally: don't get shocked! If you can, just go to a open air Control Point, with a rifle, and just steadily kill hostiles. You'll complete it easy if you don't miss. For the third Challenge, I did it at Potomatic Event Center. The only catch, is you'll often need to melee enemies to have them switch polarities, so you can accomplish the 5 positive, 5 negative kills. It took me two attempts. 

As for the remaining challenges, it's a good idea to run Roosevelt Island, and then Tidal Basin. Run the former on hard, and the latter on Normal. If you run out of Grenades for Challenge 5, simply return to The Shop safe house, and then teleport back to Tidal Basin. Rinse repeat.

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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2020

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