Olive weapon crates in The Division 2, found in world and story Missions that contain 2 items and a weapon skin. While you might have encountered several as you've played, they can actually be farmed on a 24 hour timer and there are specific locations where they always spawn. Kataki has written a brilliant guide on these locations, and we've used his screenshots below. Big thanks also to Sleepwalker in Recon Gaming who has had this on farm for a while. 

Where do I find them?

There is a map posted below with more specific screenshots for each location and there are at least 1 olive crate hidden in every main story Mission.

How often can I farm them?

The chests reset 24 hours after opening.

How long do I have to farm them for?

It should take you 1-2 days to obtain all skins. There are 10 weapon skins in total, with skins carrying over to any alt accounts and with no duplicates.

  1. South Whitehouse 
  2. Nest Control Point
  3. Taxi Graveyard Control Point
  4. Attic SafeHouse 
  5. South of Campus Settlement 
  6. NorthEast of 1040 SafeHouse 
  7. Available only on Bounties and Side Missions. At the bottom of the hole, at the end of the tunnel. 

Main Story Missions

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Last Updated: Apr 15, 2019

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