Here are some of our favorite tips for players just starting The Elder Scrolls Online. Don’t struggle fighting Mudcrab’s all day when you can read our helpful list which serves as a great starting adventurer’s guide to the world of TESO. We've got 25 helpful tips to get you started here on the first day of early access and beyond.

1. Always enchant your weapon if you can, it adds extra damage and usually adds the ability to cause condition effects. This can make even store bought weapons rather powerful.

2. Everything in the game is phased, especially quest objectives. So don’t fret if someone is running at your quest objective, 80% of the time the one that you see has spawned just for you. As a note, some are not that special, and are lootable by anyone.

3. Quests progression is organic, moving from one area of the map to the next. There is very little in the way of breadcrumbs to take you from point a to point b, so you’ll need to explore in order to find all of the quests in a zone.

4. Press H to summon your horse.

5. There are no mailboxes, mail is accessible with the “,” key or through the mail tab in your UI (default ALT key).

6. Some quests may require a group, especially with enemies that can regenerate.

7. Everyone can heal and tank, although some classes have more class abilities attuned to the specialty.

8. Everyone can equip any weapon and any armor, assuming they have the level to do so. No specific class has their own personal “weapon skill line.”

9. Stamina is used for sprinting, but also for abilities. Keep that in mind as you’re running across the world.

10. PvP is accessible starting at level 10.

11. Always upgrade your gear, you may not think it makes a difference, but it does.

12. Skills can be morphed. After you use them enough and they level up, you can morph them to have additional damage, range, effects, and more. It all costs one skill point.

13. Skill points aren’t just obtained from leveling. You can obtain skill points from quests, PvP, and skyshards.

14. You can belong to all of the guilds, so don’t fret in accepting anyone’s specific quest.

15. Passive skills are great investments once you’re rather happy with your active skill list.

16. Mix skills that use stamina and magicka. That way when you’re out of stamina or magicka, you can still use skills for additional damage.

17. Don’t forget to feed your horse! Horses level up by feeding them, which in turn improves their stats.

18. At each level you get to assign stat points, it doesn’t matter realistically where you put them, everyone needs more health, stamina, and magicka.

19. Classes aren’t nearly as important as a race in a specific role. For instance, Imperials make great tanks. They get a ton of passive Stamina boosts plus One-Hand and Shield bonus experience. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be behind if you pick one race over another based on aesthetics instead of skills, but if you’re a min/maxer you may want to look over racial abilities.

20. Press T to switch active quests, which display in the upper right.

21. Red text in a quest means that the choice will have a lasting impact (i.e. a story branch: save one village or the other).

22. Various drinks have long lasting (30 minute+) effects to increase health, stamina, magicka, resource regeneration, etc.

23. Anyone can craft anything, you don’t have to learn specific tradeskills.

24. To talk in group press /g, to talk in guild press /g1.

25. Be sure to look at conversation options, sometimes NPCs will tell you something you never knew or the conversation could branch off in an entirely different path.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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