The Flecca Job

Setup Cost: $11,500

Reward: 143, 750

The Setup

This is the first heist you have to complete in GTA Online, and is made up of a team of two players. It serves as a sort of tutorial to heists and doesn’t really offer that much in the way of rewards or challenge.

The job involves hitting a bank to get at a safety deposit box. During the setup phase players will case the bank by escorting Lester to the bank where he will hack into its security feed. One player will then return to the heist to switch cars and pick up Lester’s assistant while the other remains behind to control the hacking software.

The next part of the setup phase will require that you get your hands on an armored vehicle capable of driving at high speeds. For this you will head to West Vinewood and liberate one from the local gang members who have it stored at the top of a parking garage.

There are two ways to enter the garage, from the north ramp or the south ramp. The north ramp will place you face to face with the gang members, while the south one will give you a chance to flank them. Either way, take out the gang members and return the car to complete the setup phase.

The Score

Head to the group leaders apartment to initiate the score portion of the heist. This is where you will decide who will do the hacking, drilling and gunmen portions of the heist. Whichever player is better at the hacking portion of the heist should probably also do the Drilling mini game as well.  The other player will remain with upstairs to control the patrons and bank employees while the drilling is going on.

Once you’ve got your goods, make for the armored car and then to the bridge where the magnetic cargo-bob will pick you up. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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