Setup Cost: $100,000 

Reward: $1,250,000 

This is it; the heist you've broken in labs, stolen drugs, and rob banks to get to and it was worth it. It's going to be a tough one to complete, but the payout on The Pacific Standard is the biggest one you will find in all of GTA V Online. The job will require four players as you look to take down the bank of all banks, the Pacific Standard. 

To complete the heist you will need to prep doing 5 setup missions before actually going for the score. These setup missions are no pushover, so make sure you bring you’re a game. 


Divide your crew into two teams each with a driver and a navigator. Your task is to intercept and steal a Post Op van that will then be used to disable the dye packs in the money you will eventually be stealing. 

After each of the teams jumps into a separate car, the navigators will use the trackify app to locate the truck. You can give the driver directions on where to go by using the D-Pad or voice communications.  

When the van is in sight the navigator will have to send a picture of it to send to Lester with the snapomatic app. When the picture is confirmed, grab the van and drive it safely to the drop of location, easy. 


After removing the transponder from the Post Ops truck, you've now got to get it reprogrammed for the job. Your crew has to get it to leet programmer Avi Schwartzman who is hiding out on an island in North Chumash. There is no divvying up of assignments here, everyone is on one team. 

The first step is to acquire some Jet Ski's at the location marked on your map. After you've on board, head to the island marked on your map but don't get to close right away because it's swarming with police. Instead of going straight to the target island, stop on the nearby smaller island and pick off some of the heavier units such as the chopper before going in to clean up the rest. 

After cleaning up the cops and picking Avi up head to the boat marked on your map. When everyone is in you will have to do some quick speed boating up the river while being chased by the cops. When you arrive at the lake, drive to the center of it until you lose your wanted level. You can then safely pull up the beach where you will need to find a car. Get Avi in the car and drive to the marked location to complete the mission. 


Two teams involved in the hack mission, one to act as transporter and the other three to be decoys. Your mission is to steal a hacking rig from another crew, no easy task. 

Have everyone pile into the van and then head for the hideout location marked on your map. Once you're there you will have to take out quite a few armed guards, so make sure you're equipped. Pay particular attention to the rooftops where snipers are lurking. 

When everyone has been dealt with, the transporter should pick up the hacking gear and then jump back into the white van. The decoy crew will get into the black van which will distract the pursuing gang members while the transporter makes a safe getaway in the white van. The mission is over when the black van is destroyed and both teams have arrived at their destination. 


No teams on this mission where you must hijack a Meriwether convoy that is transporting explosive charges that you'll need to enter the bank. This is one of the more difficult missions, so bring your A game. 

When you start the mission a point will be marked on your map where you are to setup the ambush on the convoy. You're going to need at least two cars, preferably three to seal off the road so have everyone drive there separately. 

You'll know the convoy is close when the scout chopper appears. Take it down quickly with either a sniper or a rocket. When the convoy hits your roadblock, deal with all of the guards and then mount up on the explosives truck with the other two in your team grabbing one of the Meriwether Insurgents. High tail it out of there with the Insurgent in the lead providing cover fire. 

Kill all the Meriwether guards before you reach the drop off point and you've completed the mission! 


What's a heist without bikes? No teams for this job, which requires that you steal some super sport bikes from the Lost gang. 

After arriving at the biker gang clubhouse take out all of the gang inside. The bikes you'll need are marked on your map so hop on and get ready to go. As you leave the GPS will be telling you to make an immediate right, do not do this you will run into a ton of Lost roadblocks and other nasties. Instead head straight a block or two and then go right your life will be a lot easier.  

Drop off the bikes at the marker and you're ready for the big show! 

The Pacific Standard Job 

You didn't expect the last heist to be easy did you? This one's a challenge, so if you have a headset use it. If you make it out of this one clean you will be splitting up 1.25 million dollars. 

It will take three teams to complete the job, the Hacker, Demolition, and Crowd Control. The jobs are pretty self explanatory so give the to the players most suited to the task. 

After heading to the bank go through the front doors at which point a short cutscene will play. As soon as the scene is over the crowd control team should be ready to take out the two guards in the bank. Once they're down, it’s the crowd controls job to keep the intimidation bar full (bottom right corner) by aiming their weapons at the remaining civilians (do not shoot them). If the intimidation bar drops too low the alarm will trip and the mission fails. 

Meanwhile the Demoman and the Hacker should be heading for the vault. The demo man will blow the door at the back of the lobby, followed by the door after that at the top of the stairs. It's at this point that one of the crowd control team should swoop into the teller room to keep the bank tellers intimidated while killing any guards that come down the stairs. 

Next up the hacker will use the security panel beside the vault doors to open them up. On the other side of the vault doors is a steel cage that the demo man must cut through. The demoman and hacker can then move into the vault to pick up the cash, which will of course sound the alarm bringing a whole wave of trouble. 

When the money has all been grabbed it's time to make your escape so head to the front door. There is going to be a whole lot of police outside so get ready to let them have it with your heaviest guns. Take out as many as you can as quickly as you can, if you stay in the bank too long you will receive a failed notice. 

When the coast is somewhat clear, bolt across the street to the alleyway where the bikes are hid. You can then mount up on the bikes or look for a nearby car if one's available, it's your preference. Whatever you choose, you are going to be under a lot of heavy fire and dodging a ton of roadblocks and police vehicles as you make your way to the Canyon. There is also a timer to think about which starts as soon as you leave the bikes location. It's going to be tough. 

If you do miraculously survive the trip, head to the marked spot on the cliff and then parachute off. Your target is a Dinghy waiting on the river below. When everyone's aboard the Dinghy you will have to speed down the river out to the marked location in the ocean. When you reach that spot you've done it! Congratulations on completing the GTA 5 online heists. 

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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