This guide is a complete walkthrough of every quest that you need to complete to go from level 1-10 in no time! Just check the map often and follow the easy instructions.

Make that Worgen!

You can be anything but a Paladin and Shaman, so choose your features and get down to business!


The Worgen experience begins in the city of Gilneas. You are playing as a human and are immediately thrust into a fight inside the city against Worgen invaders in the Merchant district of the city.

Merchant Square

Lockdown! - Find Lieutenant Walden in the northwestern end of the Merchant Square. You'll find his corpse on the ground...

Something's Amiss - Return to Prince Liam Greymane in the Merchant Square with news of Walden's death.

All Hell Breaks Loose - Slay 8 Rampaging Worgen, they're everywhere!

Salvage the Supplies - Salvage 4 Supply Crates. These look like brown boxes and can be found on the ground throughout the Merchant Square.

Evacuate the Merchant Square - Evacuate 4 Civilian Homes. You can do this by clicking on the doors of the homes.

Royal Orders - Time to head south to the Military Quarter! Gwen Armstead is waiting there for you with further instructions...

Gilneas City is pretty straightforward other than the Storm Cellar & Prison Entrance

Military District

Someone's Looking for You - Speak to your class trainer in the Military District for some much-needed training and some experience too!

Safety in Numbers - Speak to King Genn Greymane in the military district.

Old Divisions - Go through the side doors in Stoneward Prison and speak to Lord Darius Crowley in the terrace above.

By the Skin of His Teeth - Hold back the worgen atop the Gilneas City Prison for 2 minutes.

While You're At It - Kill 5 Bloodfang Worgen. These are roaming the streets everywhere and are easy to find.

Brothers in Arms - Speak to the King in the Military Quarter.

The Rebel Lord's Arsenal - Speak to Josiah Avery at the Military District in Gilneas City. This guy can be a pain to find. Follow the arrow on the map, and when you've reached the house where he appears to be look behind you to find the entrance to the storm cellar where Josiah is hiding.

From the Shadows - Defeat 6 Bloodfang Lurkers. Your mastiff pet will be handy here. Simply click on its ability and it will immediately charge the nearest Lurker even if it is in stealth.

Message to Greymane - Speak with King Genn Greymane in the Military District.

Save Krennan Aranas - Krennan Aranas is hiding in a tree in the middle of the battle, the King's horse will take you right to him, and when you're beneath him hit "1" to grab and rescue him.

Time to Regroup - Things have become too out of hand in the Military Quarter, time to make a tactical withdrawal to Greymane Court (the section of the city to the West of your current position).

Greymane Court

Sacrifices - Ride with Lord Darius Crowley and round up 50 Bloodfang Stalkers. The horse is controlled for you, so just keep throwing those flares at the Worgen around you.

Cathedral Quarter

By Blood and Ash - Slay 100 Bloodfang Stalkers using the Rebel Cannons. You can use either of the 4 silver cannons near the quest giver.

Never Surrender, Sometimes Retreat - Speak to Lord Darius Crowley inside the Light's Dawn Cathedral.

Last Stand - Kill 10 Frenzied Stalkers inside the cathedral.

Worgen Transformation

Your time of being a human is over! You've been bit and finally succumbed to the wound and turned into a Worgen. Now all your excellent racial abilities will be available to you, and they are excellent.

- Reduces duration of Curses by 15%.

- Increases movement speed by 70% for 10s.

- Skinning skill increased by 15 and allows you to skin faster.

- Increases critical strike chance by 1%.

Not too shabby! You're also far from Gilneas proper at this point in a village to the west called Duskhaven. At this point the plot picks back up with more quests.

There are a ton of Quest Hubs outside Gilneas City, it can get a bit overwhelming!


Among Humans Again - Speak to Krennan Aranas in Duskhaven.

In Need of Ingredients - Find the Crate of Mandrake Essence.

Invasion - The Forsaken are coming! Speak to Gwen Armstead in Duskhaven for orders.

You Can't Take 'Em Alone - Pick up 4 Black Gunpowder Kegs and throw them at Horrid Abominations. Prince Liam will do the rest.

Hold the Line - Kill 10 Forsaken Invaders. These are all over the place to the south and east of Duskhaven and around the Prince.

Holding Steady - Speak to Gwen Armstead in Duskhaven for further instructions.

The Allens' Storm Cellar - Speak to Lord Godfrey inside the storm cellar of the Allen Farmstead. The Allen Farmstead is east of Duskhaven and the entrance to the cellar is on the east side of the farmhouse.

Unleash the Beast - Kill 8 Forsaken Footsoldiers or Sailors. These are everywhere and this quest will get done while you're doing the next quest, Two By Sea.

Two By Sea - Lord Godfrey wants you to slay Captain Morris and Captain Anson. To do this you'll have to kill one of the Forsaken Engineers in the catapults to the south then board the catapult, aim, and press "1" to launch yourself onto a ship. Both of the captains are located on the bottom level of their respective ships.

Save the Children! - Find Cynthia, Ashley, and James in the Hammond Farmstead. Ashley is on the top floor of the farmhouse, James is in the garden on the east side of the house, and Cynthia is next the outhouse southeast of the farmhouse.

Leader of the Pack - Locate Dark Ranger Thyala and use the Mastiff Whistle to help you slay her. Be very careful when you approach the Dark Ranger. She is incredibly dangerous at this level and you will need the mastiffs summoned by the whistle to 'tank' her while you do damage.

[protip]Even after you become a Worgen and gain a small speed boost in the form of Darkflight, it's worth remembering that Gilneas is a very large zone. Several quests will give you the option of riding mounts or vehicles to get you from A to B, don't forget to take them! It's a long run otherwise![/protip]


The screen shakes as you turn in Leader of the Pack and when you emerge from the storm cellar you are greeted with much different scenery than you were expecting. Most of the area surrounding the bay is now underwater, the Undead fleet is sunk and their forces are dead or underwater. You are immediately commanded by Prince Liam Greymane to help rescue his drowning troops.

As the Land Shatters - Speak with Prince Liam Greymane at the Allen Farmstead.

Gasping for Breath - Prince Liam wants you to rescue 4 Drowning Watchmen. You'll have to swim underwater in the murkey ocean waters and find them then carry them to the shore one at a time.

Evacuation - Speak to Gwen Armstead in Duskhaven for evacuation instructions.

The Crowley Orchard - Evacuate Lorna Crowley at the orchard to the southeast.

Apparitions in the Orchard - Investigate the Crowley Orchard. There's a blue spectral wolf in the middle of the trees to the east that you need to speak with.

The Hungry Ettin - Bring 5 Mountain Horses to Lorna Crowley at the Crowley Orchard. Once you get one horse by jumping on it you can 'lasso' other horses by pressing "1" when you've got them targeted. You can bring in 5 horses at once this way. Watch out for the Ettin though, he is very dangerous!

The Hayward Brothers - Evacuate the Hayward Brothers! Their fishery is southeast of Duskhaven.

Not Quite Shipshape - Sebastian Hayward wants you to obtain Planks of Wood, Coal Tar, and Shipwrights Tools. The tools are in the house to the south of his boat, the planks of wood and tar are also to the south around the fishery and are visible from Sebastian's boat.

Washed Up - Kill 6 Forsaken Castaways, they're all over the area by the fishery.

Grandma Wahl - Grandma Wahl at the Wahl Cottage needs to be evacuated, head there next.

Grandma's Lost It Alright - Find the Linen-Wrapped Book! It's located just southeast of the cottage near the fence.

I Can't Wear This - Grab Grandma's Good Clothes from the clothes line outside at the west side of the cottage and return them to her.

Grandma's Cat - Grandma wants you to find her cat Chance. It's located on a rock northeast of her cottage. When you try to pick it up you'll be attacked by a Forsaken that you'll have to kill to get the cat back.

Escape By Sea - Return to Gwen Armstead in Duskhaven.

To Greymane Manor  - Duskhaven is no longer safe and the King's forces are in disarray; head to Greymane Manor and speak with Queen Mia Greymane there.

Greymane Manor

The King's Observatory - Speak to King Genn Greymane in the observatory inside Greymane Manor. The observatory is all the way at the top of the manor, so keep heading up.

Exodus - Board a carriage below Greymane Manor. Time to go!

Before you know it Duskhaven is under water...

Hailwood Marsh

You'll meet up with Prince Liam Greymane again at this point. He's got his hands full fighting the huge Ettin that you saw before near the orchard and has some new instructions for you.

Stranded at the Marsh - Rescue 5 Crash Survivors at the Hailwood Marsh. The survivors can be found in the swamp to the north of Prince Liam and are fighting with crocolisks which you'll have to kill to save them.

Introductions Are in Order - Kill 4 Ogre Minions and obtain Koroth's Banner in Koroth's Den. Head up the mountain path that's southeast of Prince Liam, you'll have plenty of ogres to kill on the way to the top area where Koroth is. Koroth's banner is near him but outside aggro range, when you pick it up run! You do not want to pick a fight with Koroth at this point!

Stormglen - Head on down to Stormglen Village and speak with Gwen Armstead there, she's in the inn on the west side of town. 

Stormglen Village

Pest Control - Kill 6 Vilebrood Skitterers in Stormglen. These can be found in the center and east areas of the town as well as in the area north of town.

Pieces of the Past - Pick up 6 Old Journal Pages from the ground in the center of Stormglen Village.

Queen-Sized Troubles - Slay the spider Rygna at Rygna's Lair northeast of Stormglen Village. Despite looking intimidating this creature is a pushover!

The Blackwald - Head to the Lumber Mill north of Stormglen.

Losing Your Tail - Walk down the path north of Belrysa until you get trapped in ice. When you do, use the Talisman you were given to free yourself and then kill the Dark Scout. 

Congratulations, you're level 10! This isn't the end of the Worgen starting content though; there's still more. You can find the whole second half of the guide here: Worgen Walk through Part 2.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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