Star Wars Battlefront may be a slimmed down version of a shooter, what with the infinite ammunition and the less than stellar crosshairs the weapons have, but there are still a number of areas you can focus on that will take you to the top of the point charts. Whether you’re fighting off Imperial AT-AT’s in walker assault, or fighting for your life in Supremacy, these tips should help you shake off the stigma that the grunts in the Star Wars universe are simply cannon fodder.

Get a Good Headset

Not just for the amazing audio Battlefront has to offer, but for the tactical advantage as well. In many of the game modes there are no clear front lines to the battle, and enemies can appear from all sides. While you do have your radar to help you out with this, listening for footsteps and blaster noises will give you a better idea of how far and what type of enemy they are.

If you hear a lightsabre around the corner, you may want to perform a tactical retreat instead of charging in.

Customizing Your Cards

You can customize your hand of three cards in between each match. The cards you choose to take should be customized depending on what map you’re playing on. For example, if you’re playing on a map with a lot of wide open spaces, the pulse cannon may be a good choice along with the homing shot.

Lots of vehicles on this map? Ion shot and Ion Torpedo will make you a one man vehicle wrecking crew.

One type of card you should always consider bringing however, is a grenade. They are great in almost every situation from dealing with groups of enemies, to damaging vehicles.

Crouch Often

In a game without prone, crouching is the closest defensive stance you’re going to get. Crouching is a great way to take cover and reduce the size of your target. When crouching, you can double check that you’re adequately covered by switching to third person mode. This will allow you to see where your head and body more easily in relation to your surroundings.

Vehicles are Great

You can grab yourself a vehicle just like any other power up in Battlefront, scattered around the map as glowing blue pickups. Vehicles are very powerful for the most part, and can quickly rack up your kill count once you get used to them.

Just remember when you pick a vehicle token up you will only have a few seconds to activate it, so find a safe place quickly and jump in.

Turrets and Cannons

The turret cards can turn the tide of battle if you know how and when to use them. Turrets are capable of mowing down entire squads in a few short bursts which makes them perfect for dropping in choke points. Just be ready to jump off when the grenades start flying.

The Cannons are permanent placements you’ll find on the map, and can one shot most enemy troops and deal a ton of damage to enemy vehicles. The placement of these guns is the same each map which makes them easy to find for you and the enemy troops. Grab them before the enemy has a chance to, but again be ready to evacuate when you start getting targeted with ion missiles and heavy blasters.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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