Whether you’re attacking or defending, staying stealthy in Rainbow Six Siege is equally as important. You should always be aware of any sound you’re making, where you’re casting a shadow, and where the enemy’s lines of sights are. Failure to do so will result in a lot of deaths that leave you wondering just how they knew you were there.

Luckily, there are a lot of easy things you can do to minimize the sound and sight you create. Once you’ve practiced these tips a couple times your movement around the map will become smooth and silent.

  • Walk don’t run. Many players coming from Call of Duty or CSGO have committed this sin in Rainbow Six Siege at one point or another. Running creates a whole lot of noise that can be heard for large distances and even between different floors.
    It’s fine to run up to the building, but once you’re inside you should be either crouch moving, or using the Walk toggle to stealthily make your way around the building.
    Sound is directional in Siege, so any stomping you do will allow the other team to track your position pretty easily, especially if you’re on the floor above them.
  • Rappelling makes a lot of noise. The biggest noise offender when it comes to roping your way up a wall is the initial throw of the grappling hook. If you know the enemy team is behind a window nearby, move away form them down the wall a bit and then throw your grappling hook up before shuffling your way over to the window on the rope.
  • The rappelling rope is a dead giveaway. If you’re hiding under a window the other team will be able to see your rope crossing over it letting them know exactly where you are. Never rappel directly over windows unless you intend to breach in.
  • Deploying abilities makes noise. Doing things like throwing C4, and setting a breach charge will make a certain amount of noise when you do it. If you’re defending, plant your traps before the attackers get too close or they may hear you do it.
    Attackers should make sure their positioning is set before deploying charges and other abilities, and also that the rest of the team is ready to go.
  • Silence your weapons for added discretion. A silenced weapon makes a lot less noise, and thus does not travel as far. Try to have at least once silenced weapon (i.e. A pistol) equipped on each of your operators. If you want to go full stealth, throw one on your main, although sometimes it’s good to make a little noise.
  • Distractions can be paired with stealth for surprise attacks. Have one half of your team stealthily manoeuvre to one side of the enemy and the other make a lot of noise moving towards the other side. The enemy team will be distracted by all the commotion, leaving the stealthy team opportunity to pounce form behind.
  • Different operators make different noises. Depending on the weight of your operator’s armor, you’ll make a different amount of noise. Shield operators have it the worst in the noise department. No matter how slow they walk, you will always hear their shield clanking a little.
    Lighter operators like IQ and Ashe will make less noise, but still make quite a racket when they start running.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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