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Leveling Guide: Tier 2

Troll Country

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desolate Troll Country is the swath of rocky territory separating
Kislev from the great Chaos Wastes. The terrain is bleak, full of
craggy fissures, treacherous cliffs, and chill winds. However, the
terrain is the least of a traveler's concerns when they enter Troll
for it is here that the land's namesakes roam night and day, constantly
on the hunt for something interesting to eat.

style="font-weight: bold;">Suskarg style="color: rgb(255, 255, 0); font-weight: bold;">

style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"> style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">The entrance from href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/43539" target="_blank">Norsca
brings you
into a steep decline into the camp of Suskarg. Don't wander off the
path as the gully to the right has a few wandering rank 11 Trolls. To
the left, the snow covered foothills are home to rank 22 Glacier Yetis
(part of the upper level Chaos area). style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 153);"> Jase Ferenz
greets you at the camp entrance, ready to further your career training.
Roaming nearby is Rally Master style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">Siegmund Kraemer
with an offering of Influence rewards from the Empire Chapter 5 Public
Quests. Merchant style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">Adelle Tolzen can
buy and sell,
while Kill Collector style="color: rgb(255, 255, 153); font-weight: bold;">Ruthgar
offers repeatable quests.

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Be on the look out for the cowering style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">Dietrich Bader;
you can just tell by looking at him that he needs a lot of help.
Several other Kraemer family members wander the farm, and should have a
task or two for you to do. style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">Captain Haug
waits near a cannon, and a Healer is next to a mailbox, rounding out
the essential NPCs. A sneaky Tome unlock is right in this area too:
east of the career trainer and down the hill, some style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">Fine Tools are
lying in the dirt.

Time to cross the road and make your first stop at Raving Waldo, who
sits against a rock with another Tome unlock. The first Public Quest
for this area is Welcome
to Troll Country
, in which you are tasked with taking out
increasingly difficult waves of Trolls that are taking over the farms.

Travel the road south, and find a small farm that is now inhabited by
plague zombies. Suskarg Caves
burrows into the mountains here and is home to spiders and bats. Anders'
plays host to the style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Plague on the Wind

Public Quest which involves even more zombies.

style="font-weight: bold;">Quarry

Back out to the road, take the path that heads east from Anders' Mill,
through a bunch  of Suskarg Trolls. You're descending into the
Quarry area of Troll Country. Look for some patches of style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">Blight Thorn
the ground, to open up a quest. This area is full of demons and
summoned creatures, and you'll spiral down into the bottom of the
Quarry to work on the style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">Deathstone Quarry
Public Quest.

Back across the road to the west, plenty of rank 14 Trolls wait
for the odd traveler to pass by. Against the mountains, The Troll
cave is a hideout for more trolls, and a few quest objectives.

style="color: rgb(255, 204, 51);">Felde Castle

Chapter 6 begins at Felde Castle. This also marks a close spot to enter
the Troll Country RvR lake, so watch where you run. The base offers
full service to the adventuring traveler. style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">Dieter Stroh

is the area Kill Collector, style="color: rgb(255, 255, 153); font-weight: bold;">Lavinia Lutzen
is the Career Trainer, style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">Emerlyn Jaeger
is a merchant and style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">Eugen Krebbs
heals all. Captain Oswin Breitenbach is the Rally Master over the 3
Public Quests here in Chapter 6.

Several other NPCs here have quite a few quests to offer, including
, who stands in a doorway near the mailbox. After
completing a certain tainted grain quest, you'll be able to read a
book on the ground, which offers a timed quest to visit Altdorf. Of
special note is style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">Brenard the
Alchemist, who can take your seemingly useless creature parts
for a little xp.

Down the hill from the Castle, you'll encounter the style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Blighted Farm
Public Quest. The eastern edge of the farm has style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">Johann's Corpse,
which you'll need in one of your quests.

style="color: rgb(255, 204, 51);">Blackbramble Hollow War Camp

Blackbramble stands watch over the eastern end of Troll Country, and is
the headquarters for the area's RvR activities. Apart from the RvR
quests, Blackbramble has many other types of ways to increase your
experience gain in the area. Lots of quests can be found here, sending
you around Troll Country and into nearby style="font-weight: bold;">Ostland
. style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Amenities are sparse, but you will
find a Healer, Quartermaster and Flight Master in the camp.

href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/46405"> src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/46405/preview" border="0"

Directly down the hill from the War Camp is the style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">Grave Diggers
Public Quest. North and up the hill you'll find a grave site that's
been overrun by, the former grave residents. Several rank 15 Champions
can pop up in the Plague Graves,
so stay near the outskirts. There is a small style="font-weight: bold;">Shrine to Ulric here, where style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">Calvus
prays. Back down toward the swamp, style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">Ragnhilder
and her many cats want to talk to you. Wade on in to kill Trolls and
help some Dwarfs in the style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">Slayer's Demise
Public Quest. That's it for the swamp, as any further east will take
you to the Chaos adventuring area.

The final Public Quest in Troll Country is style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">Plague Trolls,
and is found at the edge of the swamp, near the road. Keep an eye out
for the once friendly Warrior Priest, style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">Malachias, who you will need to
kill shortly. Once you have mastered this area, follow the path all the
way south until you enter the next Empire haunting grounds: style="font-weight: bold;">Ostland.

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